Book Review: The Tuscan Child

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

When you get pregnant (and especially during those last few weeks of waiting for baby to arrive) everyone tells you to ‘enjoy it while you can’. What you end up doing is ignoring everyone’s advice, wiling your baby to arrive early, and then immediately understanding exactly what they were getting at.

I used to read so much and just figured I’d read when baby naps as they sleep loads right? (spoiler alert - this is not how it works). Now she’s in more of a routine and sleeping longer at night it’s easier to find time to read the odd book.

Nursery Tour

Saturday, 17 March 2018

So exactly as predicted my blogging is as sporadic as ever! I actually started this post ages ago, but Neeve never seems to sleep long enough for me to get the photos properly edited and uploaded and the post actually written. (It is pretty lengthy!)

We've been in our house just over two years now and I've enjoyed decorating our first home. We always rented before and although we've had freedom to decorate in most of them, when renting there's only so far to go as I was always concerned about putting too much money in to someone else's property.
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