It's been a while....

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

I remember a time when bloggers used to use song lyrics as post titles, which generally told you nothing about the post content but it was thought to be the 'blogger thing' to do. Fast forward a few years and we've learned a lot, however on this occasion I felt a song lyric (bonus points if you know it!) completely said what this post was about.

Well, it has been a while - two years in fact since I last actually posted anything to my blog. I'm not even sure how that happened. I've enjoyed taking photographs more than ever and my passion for reading blogs hasn't gone at all. I do feel that I maybe got left behind somewhat though. As so called 'super bloggers' got bigger and bigger and bigger it became harder to do something original and different, and ultimately be noticed. With readers inboxes being flooded daily with so much amazing content how would a sometime-inconsistently-posted to-blog ever get engaged with?

So why come back at all? Because I've grown and I've changed. And I missed it. I've been knocking around Instagram a lot and it re-ignited the joy I used to get from blogging. Writing, reading and engaging.  I decided to come back with a different feel, a different approach and a different blog name (Hi!). I intend to post when I want, that may be once a month, once a week, hey, even once a day, if the mood so takes me, but I don't want to feel tied to the advice of needing to post regularly to get followers. If you're here and reading that's great and I already love you for it. Hopefully you wont mind how regularly I post, because you will enjoy what I do, when I do it.

It also seems appropriate to explain that my content is likely to change. A lot has happened in two years - I moved house and became a (joint) home owner for the first time (it only took until I was past 30 and married for it to finally happen) and became a Mama to a real life actual mini human being! Throughout being pregnant I wondered whether it was something I should document via my blog but in all honesty I was very tired and very busy with work, home renovations, and generally just being a fat hot mess! These changes do mean that my beauty regime is not quite what it used to be and I get a kick out of buying baby sized clothes rather than adult sized clothes, and as maternity pay is rubbish it means our finances are certainly not what they used to be. We try to go on some min adventures still (everyday is an adventure with a baby though right?) and I'm still all about my home interiors but there is invariably likely to be a lot more 'mum and baby' talk than previously (but without becoming a mummy blogger)

So, hi, welcome, stroll through the (sometimes embarrassing) archives and as Bows Bangles and Bakes is now no more, Jenni's Journal will take its place.
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