Mini Shopping Spree

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I suppose this is actually what you would call a mini haul but I wanted to avoid calling it that for some reason. Some of the pictures for this post were partly a way of playing with my new camera but I liked how thy turned out so thought I'd shared what I'd actually bought during a bit of a mooch around Meadowhall. I think I probably bought some other things as well but probably didn't photograph them.

I picked up this statement necklace in good old Primark. For Primark it was on the dearer side (£8) but there was a lot of necklace for the money and I knew I would get plenty of wear out of it. I had initially planned to take the ribbon off and change it for a change, as I thought I'd struggle to keep getting it undone but so far I haven't actually had a problem so I haven't gotten around to doing this yet.

I picked up this Revolution Eyeshadow Palette, in Flawless Matte as I liked that all the neutral shades were a matte finish, which I find more wearable on a day to day basis than shimmery shades. At only £8 I thought it was pretty cheap which may mean the pigmentation was not as good as some more expensive eyeshadows, but for a day to day eyeshadow, overall, its pretty good. As its been a while since I've really engaged with the blogging world its probably that Revolution make up has been blogged about until the cows come home, but it still a bit of a new discovery for me.

I've always read lots about Topshop makeup, but never actually bought any, and as cute as I found the packaging (I really am a sucker for packaging!) I could never really justify the purchase. However I was in the market for a couple of new lipsticks and some new make up brushes. I've always used Body Shop make up brushes, but I liked that these came in a little roll up pouch which makes it perfect for weekends away without having to choose between my bigger brush collection. I am still being a bit precious about them at the minute - only using them for my full on "night out" make  up rather than my everyday make up. I know its silly really but it does mean that hopefully they will last longer. I love the softness of new brushes and how much smoother your make up goes on.

I also picked up two lipsticks, but in two different finishes. Pillow Talk is a velvet finish pinky nude lipstick. I have a similar colour pink but in a much more vibrant shade, which I love to wear for a night out instead of a red lip on occasion, but this is a more day to day wearable shade. I've actually had a few compliments on this colour and for £8 I don't find it overly pricey (particularly considering a lot of 'drug store' lipstick are coming in at a similar price these days). Role Model is a matte finish lipstick and over the latter part of last year this got some serious use. Its such a great autumnal shade, but again works well for a night time look.

I'm pretty impressed with my first foray into Topshop make up so far, and I will definitely be buying some more.

Do you have any recommendations for your favourite items of Topshop make up?

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