My Most Expensive Blog Purchase - Sony A5000

Monday, 25 January 2016

When I first started this blog, way back when, my photography skills were terrible and my layouts had even more to be desired, I used a combination of whichever iPhone incarnation I was toting around at the time, and a pretty dusty point and shoot. I fairly swiftly upgraded to a second hand bridge camera, but secretly always wanted a camera with changeable lenses, but didn't really feel I could justify the purchase

Despite not blogging for a while, my hankering for a more complex piece of kit never went away, but the cost was still pretty high. Coupled with knowing it was never going to go very far, just by virtue of the sheer size of a bonafide DSLR, choosing said camera was pretty difficult.

Enter the Sony A5000. This little piece of gorgeousness is my current favourite new toy and has travelled a fair distance so far (although it is far too precious to make a girls night out).

First of all - I mean it's pretty pretty isn't it? Ordinarily  I would always choose black or silver, but when I saw this came in white, I knew that was the colour I had to go for - because its all about the outside when picking a camera right?
Well no, obviously not. I really want to get into trying different lenses in order to achieve that ever so sought after blurred background. The A5000 comes with 16-50mm zoom lens which is just perfect for achieving these shots. Whenever I've zoomed in on something before it tends to lose focus or go blurry but this doesn't - it stays crisp and clear.
The LCD flip up screen is also a great little feature - particularly  for taking selfies or outfit shots. Its a shame it doesn't swing out sideways, which I seem to instinctively want it to do, but I'm getting used to it flipping up.
The A5000 has got various little features for making your pictures look extra perfect, including soft skin effect (helps smooth out some of the wrinkles which I seem to be acquiring the older I get!) For a lot of bloggers the inclusion of HD video and the ability to connect to WIFI and upload straight to your mobile is fab! I haven't used the video feature just yet but I love sending pictures straight to my mobile, adding an Instagram filter and uploading straight away, without the need to involve my laptop at all.
Without the lens attached the body is really slim and easily fits in a small bag - its similar to a point and shoot, however the lens does make it a slightly more bulky shape, and then only really fits into a proper size handbag. As I'm still a bit nervous about taking it anywhere, its only really come out on day trips when I have a big tote with me, so this hasn't really caused too much of a problem just yet.
I picked this one up for about £180.00 on Ebay. It was advertised as used, bt the box and all the contents were in pristine condition - with all the wrap ties, so I'm not even sure it was used. Either way, I fell like I've got a bit of a bargain.
I'm still learning more about my camera and its features, but I've got some events coming up this year and I'm excited to see what I can achieve with it.

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