Sundays are for......

Sunday, 25 January 2015

//All bedding from Dunelm Mill//

1. Snuggling (with my fur babies and my husband!)
2. Staying in bed late
3. Long  muddy dog walks
4. Lazy breakfasts in bed
6. Cosy comfy clothes
7. No make up
8. Lots of cups of tea
9. Bacon sandwiches
10. Having a hair-product free day
11. Catching up on blogs
12. Snacking on toasted tea cakes 
13. Binge watching TV
14. Roast dinners
15. Quiet contemplation time
16. Long naps
17. Hot baths
18. Taking it slow
19. Fuzzy Pyjamas
20. Early nights!

How do you spend your Sunday?

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  1. Got to agree with all of these! Lazy Sundays with breakfast in bed, roast dinner then chilling out with a good book in the evening :) x

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