Black Is My New Navy

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Everyone always talks about the 'little black dress' and 'black being the new black' but I've generally always chosen navy over black. I find it a less harsher colour and more flattering to my skin tone. However, lately I've been buying a fair amount of black (and grey and white as it happens) and I thought I would share some recent additions to my wardrobe (even though one of them is tan!!)

I was looking for a new bag for work. Although I love my Zara bag, I found I wasn't carrying around quite so much paperwork, so wasn't in need of the different compartments so much, but needed something wide enough to carry my Filofax. My husband bought me this bag from New Look for Christmas. So far its perfect, and even gets in an A4 notebook which surprised me. The only downside is that the carry handles are a little too short to put over my shoulder so I use the carry strap as well.

Additionally it goes perfectly well with my new faux leather jacket and scarf!. I wasn't truly in the market for a new jacket but I'd been thinking about it as I wanted something a bit more fitted. By chance, just before Christmas I spotted this one in Hollister which was half price. I like the casual-look added by the jersey hood, but it can then be zipped off when needed. It is slightly odd in that some of the seams have this odd wiring in them which means you can bend the collar to how you want it - this sounds good in principle but actually its somewhat damned annoying. I first saw this scarf in Kate's post and decided that I needed to add this to my ever growing collection of blanket scarves.

I also made a couple of sale purchases in New Look, as well as buying two pairs of flat ankle boots. I've been contemplating buying these for a while. I tend to wear heels and worry I look a bit odd in flat boots, but both these black and tan ones look great with a pair of jeans. I even wore the black pair with a dress to work during the snow the other day which meant I still looked smart but didn't run the risk of slipping over.

What do you think to my current faves?


  1. The ankle boots are lush! I've got the black boots too and I'm wearing them now.

  2. I love those ankle boots. I've been looking for the right pair to treat myself.

    1. They are really comfy and go with jeans and dresses really well

  3. I love the ankle boots. The tan ones are super cute!


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