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Monday, 29 December 2014

So somehow I've ended up with two 'life update' style posts following one another. Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted but it literally feels like forever!

I have the utmost respect for bloggers who manage to keep blogging through December and even over the festive period (or schedule posts) as for me, December has just been so ridiculously busy, blogging has been far from my mind. This last week has been so busy with getting together with people that the first day/night I had free, I just wanted to get my house back to some sort of liveable state and then relax. December at work is also quarter end so I've had loads of work to get finished earlier than normal due to the festive break. Also I've had a couple of other health related things going on which are thought to be brought on by stress, and even though blogging is a hobby, sometimes I can find it quite stressful when I feel pressured to blog, so I just waited until the time was right really.

This was our first Christmas as husband and wife, although aside from the different cards on the mantelpiece, it was very much like any other. The OH bought me the cutest vintage style digital radio - it looks amazing in my kitchen, and sounds amazing too! I've had great fun finding loads of new stations as I've never had a digital radio before (my current favourite is Absolute 90's). I'm a big lover of music and the radio is always on in our house (when the TV isn't!) - I even leave it on for the dog! I love nothing more than cooking with a glass of wine and the radio on. I also think that when its cold and wet at this time of year to come home and the heating has kicked in, the lamp is shining and there's music playing, it seems much more homely and welcoming.

I'm back at work tomorrow and then half day New Years Eve - I get the unfortunate job of working on 2nd Jan, which is just an odd day after all the New Year festivities. Some people always look forward to the start of the new year when everything is back to normal - I quite like the quiet days in the last couple of weeks of December. I got so much done at the start of last week! I'm not one for New Year's resolutions generally, but I have got some aims in mind for myself for next year.

So a bit of a rambly post just to get back into things. I hope you've all had fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to welcoming in the New Year. I've picked up my New Year's Eve dress in the sale this year!


  1. Love the radio!! :) I have been eyeing them off for a while now!

    Definitely know what you mean about the blogging throughout December! It's tough! Between running around buying gifts for everybody, plus working. I didn't even get time to do any Christmas baking this year :(

    Brooke || Eclectic Clash

    1. I only managed to do one lot of baking and only because I'd said I would foe a charity do!


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