An Outfit Post and a Life Update

Friday, 5 December 2014

Boots Primark// Jumper New Look (old)//
Jeans Dorothy Perkins//
 Scarves Primark
You could be forgiven for assuming that I have bought all of my winter wardrobe from Primark this year. It wouldn't be an entirely inaccurate assumption as I have bought a fair amount of woollies from there of late.

These two scarves are probably the things I get the most questions about and no one ever believes me when I say I picked them up in Primark for a fiver. They are convinced they must be from Zara or somewhere.

I am favouring the burgundy and navy over the grey and pink at present mainly because the grey and pink one has a bit of a tendency to shed, so by the time I get to work, my black blazer is covered in fluff. I may have to start carrying a sticky roller around with me!

If I could wear these boots more often I would. I have some suede ones I bought from Clarks a few years ago and they have  lasted fantastically, but they aren't the best choice in amongst all this rain we've had lately. These aren't leather but they don't get water damaged and keep my feet  (and legs!) dry and toasty. They look at their best with very dark denim skinny jeans, and as I don't wear jeans on a daily basis so much anymore, they do tend to be my weekend boots. But every now and again I will done a pair of black skinny's to work of a Friday and wear these darlings. I'm not sure how long they will last but at £20 its not the end of the world if they don't make more than one season. I've had plenty of wear out of them, as the rubber block heel, gives a bit of height without feeling like I'm teetering along or going to slip on a patch of ice (when it eventually arrives!) is quite hard wearing.

I'd started to get quite on board with blogging, both posting and commenting on other blogs and keeping my bloglovin feed down, of late. I'd finally started to write out my thank you cars after the wedding, and I'd set myself the task of just doing a few per day, as it is quite laborious. My aim had been to get them out before December, and a week was put aside to get the bulk of them done. 

I'd generally been having a hard time at work. As pleased as I am to have a promotion, its much more pressured than I think I anticipated and at times I have found that quite a strain. Managing the work is ok, is more about managing people that's difficult at times, and its easy to take things quite personally and take full responsibility for everything that happens, without truly recognising your individual role within it, alongside the role others play.

I'd had a pretty hard week and had spoken to my own senior on one particularly day and was overall starting to feel a little better and see the light at the end of the tunnel. The same day the husband dropped the bombshell that he was having difficulties at work. A fraught week of not knowing what the outcome was going to be, how things were going to get paid if the worst came to the worst, alongside very little eating and sleeping, ended up with things turning out much better than anticipated. I'm very much the sort of person who always prepares for the worst possible outcome. I'm not necessarily a pessimist, but my view is if you prepare for the worst, and it happens its not so much of a shock and you have plans in place. And if the worst doesn't happen, well than that's just a bonus isn't it? 

Needless to say I had very little heart and interest for blogging, alongside the majority of other things in life during that time (including the impending festive season) as all my energy was focused into that. But now things have settled, I'm making a bit of a return, particularly as Christmas approaches - the blog world always seems so busy! I'm feeling particularly festive as my tree is up, and I have a Christmassy scented candle burning. I'm not the type to do gift lists - I might do a little wishlist for myself, as I normally like to get books but I'm struggling this year - but I love to get ideas from everyone else.

So  yeah, a little outfit type post and an update of where I've been to boot!

Merry December everyone!


  1. Love the boots! The buckle detail looks great!

  2. Lovely outfit, looks perfect for winter!


  3. Looove the scarf! I totally know what you mean about work, my blog took a serious hit when I started my new job which was much more intense, but a few months later life is calmer and I am back to blogging :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. You're a social worker too if I remember? I've been a supervisor a few times at jobs and hated the managing of staff. I always ended up giving up the roles. Now I just supervise students at work and it's a much better fit. I can pick who I want and for the most part, they want to be there and we get along well. Just some food for thought. Great outfit by the way, love the boots and jeans.


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