Duvet Day Essentials!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Following my post about my blanket cardigan, it sparked a conversation on Twitter with Nadja about 'duvet days'. Often we only indulge in the opportunity to do almost absolutely nothing for a whole day when struck down by the dreaded flu, brought on by dodgy office air conditioning, breeding bugs, but I see no reason why having a duvet day can't be a planned time to relax and recuperate. Considering we get the luxury of an extra hour in bed tomorrow, it seems the perfect time to put together a list of ways to enjoy a perfectly indulgent duvet day.

Good Preparation
For me, any good duvet day starts with the preparation. Once you've got yourself cosied up in your little nest, the last thing you want to be doing is having to extract yourself, in order to get some vital missing element of your relaxation party.

Even though your having a duvet day, this is not an excuse to be a slovenly madam, so actually having a shower and putting on some clean jammies, and fluffy socks will make the whole thing seem indulgent, but clean at the same time. Lounge wear is completely your call, but you'll mostly find me in some tartan pj bottoms, long sleeve tee and thick fluffy slippers. If I want to get extra cosy, the obligatory onesie is also available. The great thing about layering up is you can add or remove said layers dependant on time of day, warmth and cosiness factor.

Duvet Vs Blankets
I'm a bit of a fussy one in that I hate getting into an unmade bed at the end of the day, so I will tend to have my duvet day in my lounge rather than in my bedroom (being actually in bed all day is definitely a sick day thing) so I like to have loads of fluffy blankets, cushions and pillows to form my sofa bed for the day

Any decent duvet day is defined by how much trashy TV you can subject your eyes to. OK it doesn't have to be trashy TV, it can be quite frankly excellent TV and a decent selection of films. With the massive choice through so many on demand TV services now such as Netflix there's plenty of scope for series marathons whatever your into. Currently we have been catching up on some fantastic series from over the last couple of years which are about to renew, so in preparation we have been watching Broadchurch, Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist and Downton Abbey. We are also building up Gotham and The Flash for future marathons. How about an Marvel Movie Marathon or a Harry Potter-athon?

This is where your good preparation comes in handy, because hopefully you should have pre-bought plenty of good snacks! Duvet Days are not for cooking! Crisps, Sweets, Popcorn, and Cheese and Crackers all make good duvet day eats. Once the evening rolls around then pizza is always great for eating on the sofa, either frozen and straight into the oven, or the ultimate in indulgence, a takeaway version. (Duvet Days are also not for dieting dontcha know!) By using one of the many online takeaway services like Just Eat you can even pay by card and have it delivered right to your door, without the worry of not having quite enough cash when the food turns up. Double result!
If you fancy something a little more homemade but without the effort why not try a cake in a mug recipe like this one Gillian shared previously. Add a good dollop of ice cream and its like you've spent the day baking without all the clean up!

Everyone has their view on perfect duvet day drinks. Because my hubby doesn't do hot drinks he'll always opt for fizzy pop of some variety, for me I always like a good cup of tea! One thing we can both agree on though, is the need for hot chocolate with all the trimmings!

If your an avid reader, the idea of a day spent wrapped up in cosy blankets, with a hot chocolate in hand, doesn't stir up images of how much TV you can binge watch, it gets you excited about how many books you can read! Everyone's view of a duvet day is different, and if I'm spending it alone I'm more likely to spend some quite time with my nose in a book being transported to a different time or place. Marathon TV watching is often best shared.

You may also use this as a good opportunity to catch up on what is probably a rather neglected Bloglovin feed. Grab hold of your tablet - you don't want to be encumbered by your laptop today!

Fur Babies
Bit of an optional extra this one, but if you do have furry friends of your own, particularly if you allow them on the furniture (yes we do its naughty!) a snuggle with the pup and the puss add a little extra snuggle factor!

So there you have it, my perfect duvet day tips! No prizes for gessing what I will be doing tomorrow, and getting an extra hour of it too!

What are you duvet day essentials? How will you be spending your extra hour tomorrow?


  1. Mmm I could so go for that hot chocolate right now! Sophie Denise. x

  2. Hot chocolate, blanket and a book for me x

  3. I love duvet days but I always end up feeling guilty that I haven't done something more productive. Your list does make it sound like heaven!

    Scottish Outlander

    1. Me too! But then is reading a book from cover to cover a waste :P

  4. I haven't had a good duvet day in ages!! I find they only work well if the weather is horrendous outside so you can take away the guilt factor of staying in! PJs, Duvet, a good book and peanut M&MS all equal the perfect duvet day for me!

    Gemma xx


    1. Absolutely! You feel so much more vindicated if it's lashing it down outside! Plus it seems much more cosier too!


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