Polka Dot Palazzo Pants

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Top Primark//Trousers Tesco//
Shoes Primark// Hat Fat Face

Before things got crazy around here, I took these pictures, intending to show them as an outfit post. When it became September, I felt it was somewhat too late to show what is essentially a summery outfit - after all, the blog world appears to be getting itself ready for autumn - even if the weather isn't! When I donned these trousers again a few days ago, I figured that maybe I should share after all.

Throughout the height of the summer, these were barely off my legs, as they are smart enough for work but casual enough when it was hot and sticky. Now, it's that tricky time of year, where the mornings can be a little chilly, but then come the afternoon it's positively balmy, and deciding what to wear is difficult. These polka dot palazzo pants have got me through some of these odd dressing days, and are great for the transition between the seasons. They are the the right combination of being dark coloured but light in weight, and I'm a sucker for a polka dot print! Rather than just donning a t-shirt now, I tend to add a little lightweight cardigan, and rather than the flipflops, some pumps work just as well.

These pictures certainly make me miss those long hot summer days, but I'm still ready to get my boots and scarves out!

A Catch Up (& a Wedding Picture)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Hey there you! How are you? Let me put the virtual kettle on, lets grab a cuppa and catch up.

On the 1st September, my twitter feed was full of bloggers embracing the start of autumn. Ordinarily I'm right there with them, Autumn being my favourite season and all, and normally I can't wait to start cosying up, but this September, I wanted the nice weather to hang on for a little bit longer (although we were a little unlucky on the actual wedding day). Now I am ready to fully embrace it, it seems the warm weather wants to carry on hanging around, so I'm hanging on with changing over the wardrobe a little.

So obviously the big news is I GOT MARRIED! I know, you would think I may have mentioned it once or twice within the last year or so, right? Above is one of the photos that someone took, but I'm still waiting for my formal photos to come back. We then went away to the coast for a few days with Tpby, where the nice weather made the stay all that more pleasant.

I've got so much respect for bloggers who managed to continue blogging in the run up to their wedding, but as I literally DIY'ed the majority of my wedding, every spare minute was spent cutting, sticking, gluing, crafting and baking, and I had zero time for writing and reading blogs. I had intended to show some of my DIY's during the process, but I would have given away everything I had done, so I decided to wait until some of the more professional detail shots were done and share them then. My advice is, if you do plan to DIY your own wedding, or any party for that matter, start as soon as possible, as everything will take longer than you anticipate it will! Honestly!

In amongst all of this, I went for a new job. I think I mentioned previously that I had been given a more senior position. The problem was this was only a temporary position and I still needed to secure it permanently. Working in a senior position on a temporary basis is probably more stressful than gaining the job permanently from the start, as it feels like your constantly on interview. Couple that with the pressure of the expectation that you-will-most-definitely-get-the-job that comes from everyone else, August was rather a stressful month (its surprising I managed as many blog posts as I did actually). A few days before I took time off to prepare for the wedding, I found out that I had been successful and I go back to work tomorrow in the knowledge that I do have a permanent position, although I've gotten rather used to being a lady of leisure/housewife in the last fortnight!. I still have a lot to learn but it does meant I'm now somewhat harder to get rid of now.

As the job was only temporary before, I didn't really buy any new 'work' clothes. I do need to dress a bit smarter than I did in my previous job, but my abundance of lovely summer dresses got me through. Now the change of the season is nearly upon us, it seems a very good excuse to buy new clothes. That, and I now have a little more excess cash, as every penny is no longer spoken for. I've been browsing on-line and although the autumn/winter stock is in, there does seem to be any really good chunky knot cardigans around that take my fancy yet. Have you seen any? I'm certainly on the lookout for some new knitwear (aren't we all?) I've identified a few other basics that I want to add to my wardrobe, which I may share in a wishlist soon.

So now I have lots of free time on my hands, I intend to fill it with lots of books, Lush baths, tea, shopping and blogging (both writing and reading)!

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