Hen Party Goodie Bags

Saturday, 9 August 2014

For my hen weekend I wanted my girls to have a little something that they could take away with them at the end, as a little gift from me, but also something they could make use of whilst we were there. I decided I wanted to give them little 'party bags' a bit like you used to get a kids parties, but grown up, prettier, versions. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration but struggled to find anything near what I was after, and a lot contained all the usual hen party fluff and tat that I really didn't want, so I got my thinking cap on and came up with these.

I didn't want to include things like paracetamol or plasters like some sites suggested, as I had made little complimentary baskets for each of the rooms we stayed in with things like that, (which I intend to re-purpose in the toilets at my reception venue) so this bag was purely for nice things for them

As it had been decided we would all wear a hen party sash on the first evening, I decided it made sense for the sashes to go in the bags first of all. Again I didn't want pink, flashy 'L' plate type stuff, so I ordered these really classy black and silver ones from eBay. You can have them personalised, so I ordered 'Jen's Hen Party' for those who didn't have a specific role.

Rather than the typical 'willy straws', again I went with some much more classy, vintage themed paper ones, which then matched the personalised lip balms I chose, which had the hen weekend dates printed on them. I also added a nail file, and a pretty pink nail polish I bought from the poundshop. (People have since told me that this polish is surprisingly good!)

As it was a party bag I added some sweets, party poppers, bubbles and glow sticks, again all from the poundshop. The 'saucy' seaside postcards one of my bridesmaids found on eBay, which were included as we went to a seaside Butlin's resort.

I ordered brown paper bags, which came with the little tags, to put everything in, then finished it off with a bow of crochet lace ribbon, and some tissue paper to make it all look pretty and cute.

If your planning a girls weekend and want something a little different, this may help inspire some new ideas. It really didn't cost a lot at all, and I know my girls were over the moon with them.


  1. this is so cute! love that you went with a more sophisticated theme. I think I'd do that too, even though I think the idea of "willy straws" are pretty funny! Hope you had a lovely night with your girls!

  2. I love that you put a saucy vintage postcard in! I think thats perfect for a hen party! Vintagey, but a little bit rude still!

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  3. Great hen party bags, i love the 'Drink Me' straws!



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