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Saturday, 26 July 2014

There's something special about being the first one up in the morning on a weekend. During the week Scott is up and out the door within ten minutes of 5am, leaving the fur babies snoring soundly and me dozing fitfully awaiting the sound of the alarm.

Come the weekend, Scott likes to sleep in. As he's so up early, 8am is a lie in to him, but as we have a rather rambunctious Labrador who doesn't fully understand the concept of a weekends I'm still usually up around 6.30am- 7am. Most times I will go back to bed for a perhaps another hours doze, but invariably the lull of my shiny mobile and Facebook pulls me in, destroying any chance of an early morning nap.

Last Saturday (and by chance this Saturday too) then sun streaming through the bedroom curtains (despite their thickness) and the general stifling heat of the bedroom, prevented all thoughts of napping so I took myself off into the living room, allowing the rest of the house to sleep.

Star, like me, is a bit of a light sleeper (and she has a good ear for anyone being in the kitchen) so I can usually be assured of the quiet click of her claws behind me on the laminate as I try to quietly make my morning brew. It's strange how in the early morning stillness, the simplest of day to day things can seem so loud, when you're trying not to disturb others. Toby, once breakfasted, can pretty much be relied on to return to bed, and his low, lazy snore can be heard gently resonating through the house. (Just for reference I live in a bungalow, which is why every sound is so pronounced) Star's purr as she tucks herself in next to me, cuddling my new favourite mug, competes with the whirring of the laptop. 

We live on a main road, which during the day can be reasonably busy, so early mornings and evenings are the quietest traffic times. The birds can be heard tweeting in the hedge, and the sound of the world getting up is strangely beautiful. Although on a week day, 7am is probably not so early, on a weekend, its like the whole village is taking the opportunity to catch up on some well deserved rest.

Any early morning rise is particularly special at the moment. You can almost sense the heat of the day, the bright, early morning sunshine, promising the long, hot, sort of laziness associated with childhood holidays. The hotter the day, the almost quieter it is. As the heatwaves continues, the initial wave of loud BBQ parties has somewhat worn off, and its almost as if no one has the motivation to be loud and energetic (particularly black Labradors!) As it became acceptably warm enough, I spent a pleasant half an hour, finishing my cooling tea, accompanied with my latest read, occasionally breaking off to watch Toby chase butterflies (or pigeons when he was feeling particularly brave) who had heard the sound of the back door and assumed this meant play time!

Soon my peace is disturbed by the rest of the world getting up to mow their lawns, wash their cars and walk their dogs before the day is too hot to do anything productive. Scott usually follows not long after, in search of company and breakfast, which has been very much enjoyed alfresco every weekend of late.

There is something very special about being the first one awake. And being up so early makes the day feel long, and all the more productive.

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