Why Short Hair Doesn't Mean Less Care

Saturday, 31 May 2014

There seems to be a bit of a common misconception that having short hair takes less looking after than long hair, saves you time  and generally makes your life easier. During the late 90s to early 2000s a short crop was the yummy mummy hair cut of choice for effortless easy style.

Having had short hair since my mid teens I felt it was high time I put a stop to these vicious rumours. If you are considering going for the chop on the basis that you just don't have time to look after your long luscious locks, Stop! Seriously! This is a lie! Having short hair will not save you time, or money on products, at all!

Let me explain.

The pictures above are the various tools and products that I use on my hair on more or less a daily basis - yes a daily basis!  I blow dry and straighten my hair every single day (well if I plan on leaving the house that is.) With short cropped hair there is little chance of falling out of bed with effortless bed hair and walking out the door. The problem with short hair is that when you lay on it, it has the tendency to go flat in places you want volume, and stick up in places you want it to be flat. Usually, as a result of the amount of product that I put on, straightening unwashed hair is pointless as it results in a greasy flat mess, which I end up having to wash anyway. Don't get me wrong, washing blowing drying and straightening my hair takes about 20 minutes, far shorter than if I had shoulder length hair, but if I did have shoulder length hair, I'd probably just bang it up in a ponytail or a messy bun. You can imagine going to the beach ends up being a complete nightmare! The best I can achieve is to wet it, slick it all back, and wrap a headscarf round it, to look like someone does actually own me!

Although its slightly easier to get volume into shorter hair, it still requires some help, and I rely on Bedhead Superstar thickening spray and Osis dust it powder. People often think I have thick hair, but it is purely the way it's cut and styled that gives that impression. The reason I keep my hair short is because it is so thin and fine that I would need loads of extensions in it to make it look thick if I grew it long.

I then need to add a bit of texture and definition, mainly to my fringe and the short side - otherwise it end up being a bit fluffy, which is where the VO5 texturising gum comes in. Finally I finish off with a spritz of hairspray - to set my style- and then Bedhead Headrush for shine, as all that heat treatment and product does not do my hair any good. I do try to have off days at the weekend, but this is literally on days when I don't leave the house, as since I've had my hair short, it seems to have developed a bit of a wave, all of its own accord (although this is useful when I put curls in the front - see I can still style it a little differently).

One of the great things about having short hair is that you can risk trying out new colours and cuts as it never takes too long to grow out.When my hair dresser suggested cutting the shorter side, my response was "well it can only grow back if I don't like it!". I love changing my colour often as I'm limited on how to style it, so I like to show my personality through my hair colour. I loved my white blonde, but it was never very good for my hair's condition. The change came when I went wedding dress shopping and the whole white from head to toe wasn't really working so it was time to go to something much more natural looking. I'm thinking I might go back to the bright red after the wedding though!

So although I'll never be your typical blogger - and trust me I would love to sport a messy bun on occasion - I do think think short haired lovelies out there need to shout out louder and prouder about having short hair. Yes it can be a bit of a pain, and no its not quite so easy maintenance as many would think, but I think having short hair is definitely part of my personality, and it certainly makes me stand out!

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  1. This is why I don't have short hair, there is no way I could manage that kind of upkeep, sometimes I don't even brush my hair when I get up in the mornings! I agree with you that having hair short creates the illusion of thicker locks. If hair is fine it looks really limp (unless you use lots of product) if it's kept long.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon


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