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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Wow! How has it been almost a month since I was last here? I go through phases where at times I blog more regularly than others, but most of the time I know why it's been so long between posts, but this time, the month has just disappeared, with no real excuses as to why!

I've started my temporary promotion post, and it has taken up more of me than I anticipated. Not necessarily in terms of time, but its actually mentally and emotionally taken a lot out of me. Much more than I expected I think as well. Some days I have come home so drained that I have literally just crawled straight into bed (after having a good cry as I was seriously doubting my own capabilities at one stage!). It didn't entirely help that as I was dealing with all this, the other half went away. Scott got back from his 'stag do' earlier this week, but before he went we made some time for each other by doing a bit of shopping and visiting Ed's Diner (hence the picture above.)

The glorious weather we've had lately hasn't exactly encouraged me to blog either. I wanted to make the most of every minute of sunshine, rather than sPending it holed up in front of the laptop. I must have over 500 posts on my bloglovin feed craving my attention too! The good weather also inspired a mini, impromptu hen do, with some of the other lonely stag-abandoned ladies, and we enjoyed a blissful afternoon in the sun, by the river front, with plenty of cocktails!

Wedding wise, things have somewhat slowed down, particularly on the crafty front. The first tier of my cake is currently soaking in copious amounts of alcohol in my Mum's pantry, and we had planned to do the final tier and mini cakes at the weekend, but as it can take around 2 hours in the oven, neither off us felt very inspired to do it in the heat. I've finally organised my table names and ordered my wedding shoes and my younger bridesmaids outfits. I've also finally received my final invoice from my reception venue (there's being laid back and there's being horizontal!) and had an email from my rather techno-ssvvy vicar regarding our order of service. Actually that sounds like I've done quite a lot doesn't it? Maybe its because I haven't glued my fingers together for a while!

June also plans to be a busy month with my 29th Birthday coming up (eeep only one more year of my twenties left!) my first appointment for the alternations to my dress (I really hope they can let it out slightly as my wedding dress diet has failed somewhat over the last three weeks and I have a feeling its going to be very tight!) and my hen weekend. I'm excited, nervous and apprehensive in equal measure. I think my girls will be nice, but I still have that element of doubt, you know?

All in all, I think I'm probably the only person in England who has welcomed a bit of wet weather this bank holiday weekend, as there were so many 'inside' things I need to do, which have been neglected in favour of embracing the sunshine. After pending this morning doing my house chores, I'm genuinely looking forward to an evening spent with a bubbly bath, clean bedding and a good book! Maybe I'll also find some time to get through all those posts I've been missing out on too!

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