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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

You know how sometimes an outfit works fantastically well the first time you wear it, but then you go to wear it again and it somehow doesn't quite work? This was one of those outfits, although rather than it being the clothes, I think it was more the hair that didn't work.

I first wore this outfit for a girls night out. I'd had my hair cut and coloured earlier that day, so I didn't need to restyle my hair, just do my make up. Whilst applying my make up, I pinned part of my hair up out of the way. Due to the massive amounts of volume my hairdresser had managed to get into my hair, I thought it kinda looked rather beehive-esque, so, considering my outfit choice, I embraced it. I got lots of comments about whether I'd had it cut more, or whether I'd had a hair piece put in.

I really wanted to share this outfit on my blog, but it was too dark at the time to take any pictures, so I wanted to recreate the outfit. Needless to say there was no way I could get the same amount of volume, so my hair lost some of it's oomph and then ended up looking just like a short crop. It didn't turn out quite as well as the first time of wearing this getup! Oh well, lets just detract away from that and check out these beauties! Pink, bows and polka dots, so many loves all in a shoe, with a high, but chunky (ergo sensible) heel. I'm still as much in love with these Office Betsey Bow shoes, as the day I bought them. They seemed like such a frivolous purchase at £60, when I first bought them some years ago, and I took some convincing re cost per wear by a friend, yet surprisingly, she wasn't wrong, and even a pair of black jeans and a blazer is pepped up by the polka dotted pink loveliness.  

Bloggers such as Alex and Char have long discussed the joys of dresses and skirts with pockets, and in this £5 Primark bargain, I've finally come to see what they have been raving about. I do have to check myself occasionally for standing hands in pockets, looking like I don't want to be there, but otherwise they  do come in handy, particularly on  chilly walks home! Finding the perfect skirt length is a current ongoing saga, as everything seems just that little bit too short. I'm not sure if it's me getting older and more self conscious or hemlines really are just getting shorter. Although it may just be finding the most appropriate length of skirt for work is the problem, as I will occasionally rock a knee skimmer!

Topping off this ensemble with this pink striped tee picked up in a charity shop, seemed to sorta of be the right thing to do. Now, sling a leather biker jacket round my shoulders and pass me a pair of big shades and just call me Sandra Dee!


  1. i LOVE THOSE SHOES!! I think they came in a few different colours, I have a tartan pair but always hoped to track these ones down.
    Also, I think the outfit is really lovely!

    1. They are most definitely my favourite pair of shoes in my wardrobe I think!

  2. Such a cute outfit! You look so lovely!


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