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Thursday, 24 April 2014

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Bloggers are such terrible enablers. I don't necessarily buy something just because I saw a blogger wearing it, the problem is that they introduce me to such amazing brands, that I probably never would have come across, was it not for blogging.

I raved about my new found love of Boden in my Monthly Mostly post at the end of March, and eventually made a big bumper purchase, and cannot say for one second I was disappointed! Even the packaging was beautiful. In my current quest to stalk emulate the lovely Rosie, I invested in this Breton top (I may have also purchased the Bistro crop trousers too!) Rosie had plenty of good words to say about this Breton, and this girl knows her stripes, so who am I to argue!
Its amazing how such a sot, comfy cosy top, can still look super stylish. I rocked up at a friends house, thinking I looked afternoon casual, when she stated "ooo you look dressed up!" Not entirely sure what this says about what I usually come dressed as!! I will definitely be expanding my colour collection that's for sure.

I've always been a bit shy of clashing prints, but I seem to have pinned rather a few stripes and leopard-print outfit combos to my Pinterest and decided it was time I stepped out of my one-print comfort zone and threw a few in there, and hey, I think it kinda works! I pretty much find any excuse I can to wear these shoes right now, so adding another outfit to the repertoire seems a no-brainer. Do you ever buy anything from Primark, then wish you had either bought two versions of it (to replace it after it inevitably falls apart) or bought it in another colour? Then when you go back, its completely sold out? Yep story of my life. I want to fill my warbrode with pointed ankle strap flats right now, but I'm guessing so does everyone else, as they are proving pretty elusive to find! I did eventually find a black pair in Oasis, which may hopefully prolong the life of these lepoardy beauties. 

Something about Breton stripes, automatically screams "put me with a red lip!" to me. I'm not sure what it is, maybe its my inner desire to think I'm going for that Parisian chic, that I'm clearly not pulling off, but hey, it works for me!


  1. very chic Jen! I've never dabbled in Breton stripes and I can't put my finger on why. Maybe it's too grown up for me? x

    1. I'm sure you can pull them off! You should give them a go!

  2. Love this look and your photos are fab. I agree with you about being introduced to new brands by seeing them on blogs, I also love the fact that I'm inrtroduced to new outfit ideas, though.

    1. Aww thank you for the lovely comment about m photos! I'm trying so hard to improve them! I always go to Pinterest for outfit ideas

  3. Wow, I love your hair! I really need to do something with my mop.
    Make sure to check out my blog:


  4. You look great! I love a good striped top, to the point I'm on a stripe-buying-ban as I think I'm currently in the region of 10-15 Bretons. Boo. Maybe I'll just have to ask someone to buy this FOR me though- that'd be allowed, right!?

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

    1. A stripe buying ban!?! That's pretty extreme measures!
      Absolutely doesn't count if someone else buys it. Did I mention how soft it is?? Lol

  5. I find u from Sprinkle of Glitter! Love your hair color and your blog :)
    Have a nice day
    xx Aisha



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