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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Coat Oasis similar// Jumper H&M// Jeans Dorothy Perkins// 
Shoes Gap similar//Necklace Tiffany's

I'm never very good at finding things in sales. Usually I see things on other people and when I ask where it's from it's always something they've "just picked up in the sale".For once I get to be that person. I've had so many nice compliments on this coat, that I'm starting to just accept them and forget the 'sale' comment.

I'm not sure if this is actually a coat or cardigan or more accurately a coatigan. I wouldn't exactly sit around in the house in it, which removes the cardigan element, however the style, fabric and thickness don't really make it a coat for me either. Either way, I'm loving the smart look, and I think it's something that in seasons to come it will still look just as classic. Every now and again the process of buckling and unbuckling the belt irritates me, but I do really like the look of a belt coat - I'm considering putting belts over all my coats!

Interestingly I almost picked up the similar version in Oasis just recently, which was still full price, it was a slightly darker colour but £98 is a lot of money on what was essentially a bit of a whim. Half price is much more attractive, and I love wearing it all the more as a result! 

I have had the occasional regret about  undoing the pockets. I hate when pockets on jackets and coats come stitched up, but I get why that is, as by putting things in my pockets as obviously made them go slightly misshapen, but every now and again you just need a pocket!


  1. You look lovely!

  2. I always like to take the stitching out of the pockets of jackets and coats - I do tend to use my coat pockets to keep my car and office keys in otherwise I can never find them when I'm carrying loads of things, and have to do that silly juggling to get to the bottom of your bag whilst trying not to drop everything thing.


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