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Sunday, 30 March 2014


Forgetting my blog birthday.......
Its hardly surprising when you consider how full my brain is with 'stuff' right now, that I've come to the end of the month before realising that my blog grew one year older at the start of it. Two years on I'm still here, contributing to the world wide web with my little slice of life. I feel that my blog has changed in a number of ways since I started, and not only just in design! I feel its changed in terms of content and quality, and I'm truly happy with what I do post on here, as I have come to realise its almost better to post nothing than something for the sake of it. That feels much truer to me and my general ethos in life.

So unlike last year, there will be no birthday 'extravaganza' so to speak. Just a subtle nod, to say, yep here's to another year.

In my current quest for the perfect dress (skater, cap sleeves, knee length - everything seems so short these days) I stalked the archives of Sarah's blog, and discovered the gorgeous dresses online at Boden. I may have made a sneaky purchase, but as I was distracted by Rosie's polka dot trousers and Breton top, needless to say, said dress fell by the wayside. Maybe the next order?

Books. Because clearly what I need in my life is more books. My TBR pile is ever increasing! I've also finally joined the cool kids in purchasing a pair of white converse. Now I've realised I'm an actual grown up, and perfectly capable of keeping a pair of white pumps clean, and with the recent spells of spring-like weather it seemed the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon.

Due to afore mentioned weather and changing of clocks today, I decided that maybe it was becoming the right time for all fluffy cushions, blankets and other elements of cosiness to be swapped for nice light linen-y airy things. What tends to happen when I do this is that the weather will suddenly turn to the opposite of what it should, therefore cosiness will again be required. Just warning you. It was also time to get a good deep clean, doors and windows open and a good airing out. I feel so much more productive in a clean and tidy environment.

Not much to say this month, as I'm sure you know by now what most of my time is mostly taken up with, but I am consciously trying to mention it a little less!

Now I'm off for a (very) small slice of cake and a pot of tea, in belated celebration of my bloggy birthday, and in celebration of all the wonderful Mum's out there.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I'm so reluctant to 'spring' up my house, I love my bedroom fairy lights. Must get my head sorted out x

  2. You can never have too many books!
    Happy Blog birthday, and I hope you enjoyed your tea and cake :)
    Carrie xxx

  3. I had a bit of a spring clean on Sunday and it felt so good. I've also been clearing out clothes in a rather ruthless fashion (finally!) and have decided to set up a blogger's book swap, so if you fancy swapping book parcels, get signed up! :)


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