Monthly Mostly & Mini Book Review - February 2014

Sunday, 2 March 2014


Well, after missing last month's post - and only posting one post in February, I am yet again late with February's post. 

I am slowly turning into one of those people who talk about nothing but weddings. I begin to cringe when I hear myself talking, but i genuinely can't help it. It's not as if I try to shoehorn it into every conversation, but invariably someone ask me how plans are going, or what I've been doing lately, and this is pretty much the gist of any of my spare time.
I have just finished making all of my daytime invites, and have almost finished my evening ones. I have collected my supplies together for my place settings and a few other things I need to cut, glue and stick. After two or three, its therapeutic, after 7 or 8 it becomes tedious!
Wedding-wise itself, I've managed to sort a  number of big things out for the day itself which I was getting quiet anxious about.

Some of you may remember that late last year I finally started my new job. Settling in to my position as been quite odd, as the pace is so different to what I'm used to. I'm still just as busy just in a very different way, and much more office based (which isn't helpful in terms of any form of diet or healthy eating!)

Additionally over the last month I have been studying at university. I occasionally do modules that will eventually become part of a post graduate qualification. Its weird to get back into the habit of studying. I have enjoyed it, but it's been an added pressure during my free time to get it done.

I have managed to do a little bit of reading this month, mostly as part of my contribution towards Alex's a blogging good read. I have also read D S Nelson's Hats off to Murder, the first in the Blake Hetherington Mysteries, which I was sent to review. I didn't take me as long as I expected, as it was much shorter than I had anticipated.  It was 35 pages long and was reasonably OK, but I'll be honest it didn't bowl me over. It was a quick and easy mystery read, but the ending came much too soon.I think there was much more story to be made out of it and it could have been longer, without feeling drawn out, the ending just came very quickly. I struggled with the constant reference to hats - every person mentioned was referred to in terms of the hat they wore - honestly not that many people wear hats! It read as though it was a historically set piece, which I think would have worked better with all the hats references, but it was clear that it was much more modern. I felt it was reasonably well written and a good story, but something I would have expected in an anthology, rather than as a stand alone piece. I'll be interested to see D S Nelson's future stories. 

So not much of interest over the last couple of months, but a little update none the less.
What have you been "Mostly?"


  1. planning a wedding can become all-consuming but I guess that is the nature of the beast. It's lovely that you are crafting so any invites by hand. I printed ours *ahem* x

  2. Love the photo of the invites - I'm sure it will be great when you can say that you've made it all and it must be reassuring to know that you are ticking more things off the list.
    I've been mostly sewing in my spare time in Feb.

  3. Well done on the studying! I know how hard it is to try and fit in assignments and research around working and actually having a life - I'm 40 credits through a Masters degree and it really is a complete juggling act to try and fit it all in.
    I think all of us who study at the same time as working deserve a medal! :-) x

  4. Love these beautiful rustic invites. These are perfect for creating a personal touch. Handmade invites always have a graceful look in them. Thanks for sharing this inspirational work. I am also creating some unique handmade invitation cards for wedding.


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