What's In My Bag? Zara City Bag with Zips

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

So that was a complete unintentional blogging break! And this time no big revelations as to why, I've just literally been super busy with work, a uni assignment (it's part of my post qualifying stuff for my job) and wedding stuff. Since mid-Jan wedding planning has gone mental around here! I've finally handmade and sent out all of my day invites (I'm thinking of doing a little tutorial post on here) and I've started gathering supplies for my centrepieces and my place settings. The amount of stuff I am doing myself is phenomenal, and I know I'm going to regret it when I start getting all stressy, but the idea is that the day will be filled with so many personal things. I'm just trying to get a little ahead of myself so I don't have a complete breakdown nearer the time. As a result I've barely read any books (aside from the ones for ABGR on Alex's blog this month) and what I've mostly been up to is pretty much summed up in those few lines!

Anyway, I bought this Zara City Bag before Christmas and I've been meaning to share it ever since. It's certainly made me slightly obsessed with the shade grey, a colour that was, until recently, rather absent in my wardrobe - not so any more! There are gazillions of reviews for the Office City bag all over the blogosphere, and even though this isn't the office city version, its relatively similar (it has a smaller middle zipped pocket, where I keep my purse, rather than the laptop section instead it has a padded ipad section in one of the sides and its more 'slouchy'). So rather than add a further review to the world, I thought maybe it was time to show you inside my bag! I've never done one of these posts on my own blog before, so I thought maybe it was about time I did. 

This is technically what I keep in my bag for work purposes. I don't have a work bag and a non work bag, I just take stuff out of this one. So on an average day I tend to lug around the kitchen sink and its taps but this is honestly a toned down version! Whenever I'm working I always need my Filofax with me. It's an A5 Finsbury and it has everything in it! I tried to keep a separate calender for wedding and personal stuff but it didn't work as I needed to know what I was doing work wise to plan personal appointments, so this has both work and personal appointments in as well as all my work contacts. I adore my Filofax and could not manage with an electronic diary but I really wish they would make the inserts prettier!

The Agenzio purple notepad is a recent addition but I love it! I'm a bit of a paper snob and hate cheap naff notepad paper and I love how every page sits flat enough to write on. I always carry my Paperchase pen and mechanical pencil with my Filofax, as sometimes I only want to pencil something in.  I also have a clear pencil case where I keep spare pens, rubbers, tippex and post-it's. 

Living in the UK its always necessary to carry an umbrella - particularly lately! My old Primark one finally gave up one day during a downpour, so I quickly dived into New Look and spotted this little frilly polka dotted darling! Obviously my purse is always in my bag - this Nica one was Christmas present from my boyfriend. I also carry two phones with me, my personal iphone, and my battered old work Nokia. 

Finally I carry a ridiculous amount of beauty products around with me. I always have a body spray in my bag, as my job takes me into situations where I can come out smelling not so nice. The L'Occitane make up bag was part of a gift set I got for Christmas, and the hand cream that came in it just stays in there. I also carry the usual essentials such as lipgloss, lipbalm, concealer and eyeliner. I also usually have the lipstick I'm wearing that day if it's a specific colour. I've recently added in a mini Clarins eyeshadow compact and mascara. Mostly as they were floating around in my make up drawer and I thought I was more likely to use them whilst out and about. I also threw in some spare perfume samples too. The Sleek creme to powder isn't really a foundation I use, but it's ok just for touch ups.

Phew a whistle stop tour of all the junk I carry around! I hope you enjoyed that!

Have you done a what's in my bag post? I'd love to have a nosey at it!


  1. I'm quite impressed with how much you can fit into these bags x

  2. Ohh your bag is a beauty, you can fit so much in it too! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. I love seeing what other people have in their bags, mine is mostly receipts and scrunched up pieces of paper. I can generally also find about 5 million pens in the bottom too!

  4. You got to love these kind of posts! I love that little make up bag from L'occitane. It's so pretty :)


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