Perfecting the Art of the 'Night In'

Friday, 24 January 2014

So Monday was what is known as "Blue Monday". Its the Monday of the last full week before payday in January, and it said to be the most depressing day due to  issues of debt, weather, failed resolutions and the time passed since Christmas.
With that in mind, its clearly a time we all need a bit of cheering up but, if like me, its still not quite payday, the prospect of yet another penniless weekend may just be more than you can bear. If your relatively new to my blog, you may not have seen my post last year about cheap and thrifty ways to beat the January blues, but for me, the ultimate night in is the perfect way to make yourself feel all warm inside for very little cash.

Any night in starts with good prep work, so its about clean bed linen (one of my many simple pleasures in life) and freshly laundered pj's and fluffy slippers, topped off with the ultimate in lounge wear - the onesie (sorry not sorry). I always have a good book to hand throughout any night-in ritual!
The best part about it being so soon after Christmas, is that your bathroom cupboards are probably bursting with bath time treats. Even if you didn't get anything new, have a rummage around, I'm sure you'll have loads of scrubs and creams that have got pushed to the back that you've forgotten about. I love a good soak with a beautifully smelling bath crème, and a good face mask while I lay and relax for ten minutes or maybe read (I always get bored in the bath, and yes I've even had my kindle in there! Just keep a towel nearby) I then use a skin scrub to scrub off all those dead cells and do the same with my face. When I get out, I'll then moisturise all of my body before undertaking my skincare routine. Just because its winter and your hiding under layers of clothing, doesn't mean you should neglect your skin, particular your feet. Hours spent in thick socks and boots isn't great for them, so give them a bit of TLC. Come summer you'll be bikini and flipflop ready in no time!

For those of you that have followed my blog for any length of time, there will be no surprises here, and I adore my Clarin's skincare routine. It works just perfectly for me and I wake up with my skin feeling fantastic.
After all that soaking and primping, its time to curl up in my jammies with a little hot chocolate treat, and a scented candle. Just because you are on a diet, it doesn't mean you should forgo treats, as denying yourself completely means your more likely to fail. And if you've been good all week, thrown on a few marshmallows too! There's nothing I enjoy more than curling up in a fresh made bed with a warm drink and a thrilling read! This is probably the bit I most look forward to!
Finally, just before lights out, there's just time for a few last beauty treats. I love the smell of Soap & Glory's Hand Food hand cream, which is currently part of my bedside table stash. A little Clarins blue orchid oil for my face and a good slaver of lip balm, means I wake up with baby soft skin and lips.
All this pampering and relaxing mean I'm in for a good nights sleep!
Good Night!
What are you night-in rituals and beauty products?


  1. Nothing beats the smell of freshly laundered bed linens. And to jump into the bed with a nice book is heaven. Ah i just love it.

    A lovely post.

  2. I have to agree with your recipe for a good night in. My onesie is getting a lot of use since getting it for Christmas! A wee glass of red mine would be my only addition (weekend only though, hehe!) x


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