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Thursday, 16 January 2014


Scarf Zara// Blazer Matalan (old)//Belt Hollister//Cardigan (just seen) Matalan (old)//
Jeans Dorothy Perkins//Shoes Gap (similar)  
I've never really understood Zara all that much. I like the whole clean, classic-with-a-twist idea of it, but I never seem to find things in there, or nothing fits me quite right.
Recently, I noticed this scarf being pinned all over Pinterest, and became a little bit obsessed with tracking it down. This colourway seems to have sold out everywhere, and it ultimately meant paying a little bit extra to buy it on eBay.

I'm pretty pleased I did though. The pattern fulfils my love of Black Watch print, as mentioned in my post here, and the navy and green colour combo is perfect for this time of year. Burgundy is too autumnal and red too Christmassy, yet its still too early for the pastel pinks.
The sheer size of this scarf is also pretty colossal; you are getting a lot of fabric for your money here. Incidentally, my other half did joke as to why I had taken to wearing a picnic blanket around my neck, but in all seriousness, this scarf has got so much potentially than just being worn around the neck as a scarf: impromptu picnic or just a snuggle under the stars, as it will easily cover over two pairs of knees.

On the flip side, a scarf this big takes some serious tying and keeping in place. Luckily again, Pinterest never fails to inspire with a million and one ways to tie a scarf. The great thing about this piece too is that the rest of the outfit can actually be pretty plain and boring. Incidentally, this outfit idea came from (can you see where this is going?) yep Pinterest yet again! I've finally managed to revitalise my Matalan navy heritage blazer again just when I was at the stage of considering getting rid of it. Teamed with my trusty DP jeans, and a pair of Gap booties, its a weekend outfit, that perfectly makes the transition into my work wear.
Does anyone have any Zara shopping tips? I just seem to buy what other bloggers buy yet can't find anything myself, so all help welcome!


  1. Stunning, I love tartan so much!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I bought my friend a red tartan snood from F&F for Christmas and she loved it (thankfully)! I love a bit of tartan!

  3. beautiful scarf, I have a similar one with opposite problem, mine is too short! I found mine for £1 in a charity shop though so I guess I shouldn't complain x


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