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Sunday, 12 January 2014


In the last few months I've really found a love of book bloggers and blogs who just promote a love of books and reading in general. Alex and Jenny have been part of my blogroll list for many months, and Jennie was recently added towards the back end of the year.
I've also recently discovered youtubers who vlog about books. I love the idea of beauty vloggers, but I can't apply make up properly for toffee so after so long, a tutorial video no longer thrills me. A bookshelf tour however very much does!

I've been doing book reviews for almost a year now, and the occasional tag post has popped up, but I wanted to start showcasing my book hoarding even more. I debated with this post a little while (as the source of three of these books may seem a bit braggy - its not I promise!) but after canvassing a few people on twitter I decided to go with it.

Picture 1

These are all books I bought in the charity shop. Every now and again I find my bookshelves are not inspiring me to read, so on this occasion I decided to hit the charity shops. I spent about  £12 and came home with this little bundle.

Death in Holy Orders; P D James. I've read other Dalgliesh books in the past but not this one. If you watched Death Comes to Pemberly over Christmas, you may be aware PD James wrote the book that inspired the drama series. If you enjoyed that, you may enjoy the Dalgliesh series.

The Holmes Affair; Graham Moore. Since picking this up I;ve read a few negative reviews about it, but they mainly seem to be focused on the fact that it doesn't really reflect the biography of Conan Doyle (which is what it claims to reflect, sort of). A few others have said if it is just read as a story and nothing more it is actually quite enjoyable, so I'm going to attack reading it that way.

White Nights; Ann Cleeves. Ann Cleeves writes Inspector Vera novels and Jimmy Perez novels. Both have been televised as Vera and Shetland. This is the second book in the Shetland series

A Place of Secrets and A Gathering Storm; Rachel Hore. I've mentioned few times my recent love for family saga type mysteries, particularly those that cross timelines. After doing a bit of research on, Rachel Hore was suggested as an author I may enjoy, so I picked up these to give them a go. As they didn't cost very much its not the end of the world if I don't enjoy them.

Labyrinth; Kate Mosse. This was picked up for a similar reason as the Rachel Hore books.

The Murder Stone; Louise Penny. The word murder in the title is bound to grab my attention, and the blurb grabbed me upon reading. I've already finished this and really enjoyed it. I've since realised it is actually book 4 of the Gamache series, so I'm keeping a look put for others/

Picture 2

These are all books I received over Christmas.

All Quite on the Western Front was sent to me by Alex. Just before Christmas I missed out on a lot of the organised swaps due to my absence from the blog world. Alex very kindly offered to do a swap with me and we agreed our own little rules, one of which was that one item to be literary themed. This was Alex's offering, and considering I love anything WW2 based, I'm sure I'll love this.

The Misbegotten was on my Christmas wish list, and makes up the next in my Katherine Webb collection.

I'm clearly a very easy person to buy for as two people actually bought my this little recipe book for Christmas!

The House of Hades was also on my Christmas wish list, and is the next book in the Percy Jackson  Heroes of Olympus series.

Picture 3

All these books were given to me.

The Winter Ghosts was passed to me by my Mum, as she saw I had purchased Labyrinth I thought I might enjoy this. Its actually quite a short book, and I intend to read it soon, as no one wants to be reading about winter ghosts once the suns out, right?

The Excursion Train is the second in the Railway Detective series, which you may remember I reviewed. My Mum found when she was packing to move, she had an extra copy so passed it to me, as I haven't read this one yet.

The final three books are all part of the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I was asked if I would be interested in reading the Allegiant at the same time I was asked about The Taming of the Tights. When I realised it was actually the final book in a series I suggested that perhaps not as I hadn't read the others, instead I was sent the whole series!! (Can you see why I thought this may be a bit braggy?). I'm told they are in the same vein as The Hunger Games, which I haven't read yet (I'm still working my way through Twilight too!) but just reading the first few pages my attention was grabbed.

So I've definitely got a fair few books to keep me going over the next few months. I had hoped for a few days snowed in, but I've given up hope of there being any of the white stuff anytime soon - it seems rather unseasonably warm to me!

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? Also, who are your favourite book bloggers (or just bloggers who regularly feature book related posts)? I 'd love to see some links!


  1. I love Kate Mosse! I really enjoyed Labyrinth and I'm actually reading The Winter Ghosts at the moment - she writes so well. Enjoy :)

    Jess xo

  2. The Divergent trilogy is amazing! I'd even go as far as saying they're my favourite books! I'm definitely going to have a look at getting some of the other books you got! xx

  3. Some good books on your list, I've read the Kate Mosse ones and thought they were okay x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. I review books - check out if you fancy x

  5. I am such a book worm, and always on the look out for new reads! Think I'll be picking up Katherine Webb next!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. Ooh, I've only read the Divergent trilogy out of those. Loved the series, but the first book was definitely my favourite.
    I'm so tempted to go to my nearest charity shop and look for some books now. Haven't done that in a good while!

  7. I read the Divergent trilogy recently and quite enjoyed it! Although, I found a dystopian trilogy that blows it out of the water - the books are 'Pretties' 'Uglies' 'Specials' and 'Extras'! You should definitely give those a try :) xx

  8. I LOVE bookshelf tours too, I'm totally addicted to watching them! These sounds awesome, happy reading lovely! <3

    Jennie xo |


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