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Monday, 16 December 2013

Tartan, check, plaid, we all might call it different things, but this season, this print is practically everywhere! It's made its way into our wardrobes and into our home wear.
Ever since I was a kid I've loved tartan. I remember my Dad buying me a tartan dress to wear one Christmas (did anyone else get a new dress and new pjs to wear on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day) which I loved. I recall I had tartan ribbons in my (then) long ginger hair. It was very similar to the current one that's in Primark right now. It was probably a bit geeky back then, but now I'd be the height of cool, right down to my knee high cable knit socks!
Tartan, in particular, Black Watch, will be playing a large part in my wedding plans, the theme of which we have dubbed 'Highland Vintage" (watch this space!!) and that, and its associated heritage, mean a lot to my family.
Its hardly surprising then, that I've fully embraced the tartan trend, and looking to add more to my wardrobe. Since buying this Glamorous dress a few weeks ago, I've been on the look out for other ways to add this gorgeous print to my wardrobe.
I'm no stranger to a good checked shirt, but every wardrobe could handle another, and I love the combination of brown and pink in the check of this one by Equestrian Clearance.
This Zara scarf is all over Pinterest, but seems to have sold out everywhere! (Photo source) I've also come across the one in the black watch tartan on Ebay that I am determined to get my hands on, but I may just have to have both! Well, the blue and navy won't go with every outfit, will it??
This brown oversized jacket by Boohoo, is a great way to try out the tartan trend if your a little nervous of the more obvious tartan prints. I'm not a big fan of the red myself, although I've been a little more drawn to it now the festive season is here, but I'm not sure it will have the longevity of some of the other colours.
Finally, the tartan I've been banging on about throughout this post. This little skater skirt in Black Watch by Daisy Street is as cute as a button. All that's missing is some super cosy tights and a big old chunky knit on top! Can you guess my wedding colours yet??
Are you embracing the tartan/check/plaid trend? What do you refer to it as?

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