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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A lot of bloggers have done a round up of 2013. For me, 2013, has been a long difficult year, which for the last 4 or 5 months appears to have been tainted with sadness and difficulties. That's not to say the whole of 2013 has been terrible, far from it in fact. It's just that sometimes the bad seems to outweigh the good. As a family we did have some sad times at the beginning of the year, although I didn't necessarily blog about those.

January to April

January saw the start of my Mostly.... post and my first post focused on the heavy snowfall. I loved seeing Toby hunting for snowballs that he failed to catch, and us all coming home cold and wet to snuggle up in the warmth together. Sometimes the best things in life are very much free!

February seems to have been the month of staying in and watching various TV programmes, DVD box sets, reading plenty of books and doing a wee bit of shopping. 

March was a lovely month, as I took the opportunity to take some well needed time off from work, and completely revamped my spare room cum office. I've prettied up my desk even further since then and it genuinely makes me happy to sit there and work or blog. I also has a lovely day out thrifting in Lincoln with my best friend and chief bridesmaid, and we indulged in plenty of cake and vintage shops. I also celebrated my blog's first birthday (I can't believe I'm almost coming up to 2 years in a couple of months!) and I really enjoyed researching various tips tricks and posts to put together my series of posts about blogging. 
I went to see my favourite band, Stereophonics, for the 7th/8th time? I can't remember to be honest, I've seen them so many times now, but I could literally go to one of their gigs every week!
I also got to meet some lovely bloggers including Alex, Char, Rosie and, Sophie when they kindly allowed me to gatecrash their blogger weekend for lunch one afternoon.

In April I finally got to meet my blog-girl Sarah! Sarah was one of the first bloggers I really interacted with, but since the middle of the year she has disappeared from the blogging world, for various reasons. She has recently come back with a bang and a shiny new blog so please go give her lots of love. We met up with the beautiful Rachel for a fab day of shopping in London, and are hoping for a repeat of this in the near future - maybe involving a few cheeky vinos this time Sarah?
Me and my bestie also took my Mum and her bestie to see Meatloaf in concert which was fab!

May to August

In May we decided to take a leap and actually book our wedding. May was a flurry of wedding activity of booking the church, reception venue, DJ and photographer. Strangely enough after that, it went very quiet on the wedding front - it does seem to come and go in spurts really.
May was another a month for blogger activities in the form of the #SheffieldMeetUp. I got to meet up with lovely Abby and we've stayed in touch since - although despite many discussions regarding the issue, we are yet to meet up again! 
I had a fab weekend away with my girls in Newcastle, which mostly involved lots of giggles, glam dresses and alcohol. Geordie Shore we were not but hey, we had an amazing time! The only fly in ointment of the whole weekend, was that my cat went missing for over five days whilst I was away. I was absolutely devastated, and as she is a house cat and we live so close to a main road, I obviously feared the worse. I was so relieved when she came back and we haven't stopped spoiling her since!

June was my birthday month, but it was a reasonably quiet affair after our raucous behaviour in Newcastle. My favourite part of June, and probably the whole year really, was spending a few days in Northumberland with my two boys, in the middle of no where, for days filled with dog walks, evenings in the hot tub, and books by the fire.

July saw a bit of a heatwave in the UK and it was nice to spend so much time outside, barbecuing, wearing lovely summer outfits and generally enjoying the gorgeous weather we were blessed with. This also resulted in a frantic week spent at the vets when Toby became really unwell.
I also found out I was successful in gaining a promotion position at work.

August saw another flurry of wedding planning and organising and thinking about some of the finer details. August was a really stressful time work wise, and I struggled to keep it in check at times. I did a post about my simple pleasures in August, which did help refocus my mind about what was important in life and what made me genuinely happy.

September to December

September pretty much saw the decline in positivity and spirits in our family. There were two bereavements on separate sides of our family in September, Scott's granddad and my grandma. I'm fortunate to say I reached the age of 28 without having ever gone to a funeral, and in one year I ended up going to three! Towards the end of the month I had a week off work following having two wisdom teeth removed. I read plenty of books though!

I spent a lot of October visiting my grandfather in hospital as he became ill quite suddenly in some respects. I did manage to fit in a bit of a shopping binge, but between the hospital and working like a mad thing in order to start my new job, October flew by without doing very much at all.

I began my new position at the start of November, which I hoped would be a turning point, sadly it was not meant to be, and on Armistice Day, my grandad sadly passed away. It was also his birthday. The last time I'd visited him, I'd just bought a new car, as the gearbox on my beloved Mini began to fail, but the fact that the money had to come out of the wedding fund took the shine off it somehow. My Mum and my auntie asked me to do the reading at my Granddad's funeral, and as we decided to cater the wake ourselves, I baked cakes which I knew he would have loved.

Unbelievably December featured a funeral as well, as my Grandmother's sister died. This had been anticipated for sometime but attending the day before Christmas Eve was not what I had anticipated. The other downside to the losing of relatives (aside from the obvious!) is the inevitable family fall out that comes with it all. One of the nice parts though is the discoveries that are made, and my great great grandparents love letters were one of these.
By the time Christmas rolled around, I would have almost not minded if it had never arrived. My Mum had to work on Christmas Day, so I didn't see my family properly over Christmas, but we spent the day with Scott's family and Boxing Day was the first day we had spent at home in over two weeks. Needless to say it was therefore a day of Pj's onesies and chocolate for breakfast! I'm having my parents over for dinner tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to but all in all, '13 was an unlucky year for me, and I'm very much ready for 2014. We are still deciding what to do this evening, as a number of our friends and family are away, but as we got enaged at midnight on New Years Eve two years ago, we would like to celebrate in some respects.

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  1. Sounds like your year has been full of ups and down, but on the bright side your blog has bosomed this year.


    1. Awww thanks you that's a lovely thing to say! I hope it continues to blossom!

  2. I really enjoyed meeting you in April :). I'm sorry that your year was mostly down towards the end though, I hope that 2014 is kinder to you xx

  3. It was lovely to meet you ;) We should definitely have a repeat this time with some wine :) Hope your 2014 is filled with nice things xx

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