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Friday, 13 December 2013

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I'm so behind with posts and haven't even started on Christmas yet!

When it comes to wishlists and choosing gifts for myself, I think I'm a pretty straightforward person t buy Christmas presents for. I'm one of those people that ask for all the 'boring' things. You know those lists where they list the most unimaginative gifts you could buy for people? Yeah well buy them all for me!
I'm happy with pyjamas; socks, slippers and smellies. Top me off with a book token, and a scented candle and that's my perfect night in right there under the tree!
Although I'm a serial spender, certain things I don't tend to  spend my own money on. Everything in my wishlist (aside from maybe books) are all those things. I love to get luxury bath products for Christmas, as often friends and relatives buy me products I never would have even thought of selecting for myself. Is tore them all up in my bathroom cabinet to use at my leisure through the year then.
Cosy slippers and snuggly pj's are a must for Christmas. Coupled with socks (chunky fluffy cosy ones of course) they are a January staple, as lets face it, I'm not going to be going out anywhere! So I intend to spend the majority of month (when I'm not at work, in my Christmas-bought lounge wear). I've also got a not so secret craving for a onsie (sorry not sorry)
On my wishlist this year I have added two books I'm desperate to read. I've been so tempted to buy them on my kindle, but I'm made myself wait in the hope that some nice person buys them for Christmas (Scott I'm looking at you here!) I'm not back at work unti; 6th Jan, and wth my new job, I seem to have a lot less work to do, which means I have more time for reading and blogging when I'm at home! Yey!
Finally on y wishlist is a new purse. I've had my current one a couple of years now, and although it's still pretty intact, some of the edging has started to wear off and its generally looking abit tired. I'm qite fussy about my purses, and choices are therefore limit. My specifications are a slot of notes so I don't have to fold them up, plenty of card slots, and a zip or clasped coin purse. This one from Nica fits the bill.
So when you're considering buying gifts for someone, don't necessarily strike off the obvious, as they might have a wishlist just like mine!
What 'unimaginative' items are on your wishlist this year?


  1. I want the onsie! x

  2. Unimaginative items? I have a cheese grater on my Christmas list this year... :-) x


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