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Monday, 14 October 2013

I've often read other bloggers talk about things that affect them, such as anxiety or depression. I don't suffer from any debilitating illness, and it wasn't until I was researching new products, that I thought maybe it was time to share something that affects me, in the hope that it helps someone else.

I suffer from rosacea. This isn't a big confession or anything, in fact most of my friends are probably more than aware of this, as they will have seen the signs, but they probably don't know it has an actual name. Rosacea is a skin condition, which mainly affects the face. There are slightly different types of rosacea. Mine is known as vascular, which is categorised by flushing, which can sometimes be sore and itchy. Another type involve papules and pustules.

Being fair skinned and female, I'm well within the bracket of sufferers. It's most common in women over 30, but symptoms can start as young as childhood. I'm reasonably lucky in that I don't suffer from constant and permanent redness, or the papules or thickened skin, but I do worry that one day this will come, particularly the permanent redness.

There are a number of triggers for my own rosacea. I love this time of year, but my skin doesn't. The constant changes in temperature, going from the cold, into a room with central heating results in an instant flare up. The worst culprit for me is alcohol. Within a couple of sips I end up with redness all around my cheeks and chin, with a white ring immediately around my mouth. This is often when I get very itchy and sore as well, and I can literally feel it spreading across my face. Christmas parties are a nightmare! When I'm stressed out I often get little rosy cheeks. The patch on my left cheek is always really dry, and sometimes sore, whenever I get a flare up. I'm always very red faced during the summer months too, especially when it's particularly hot. I'm really partial to a very hot shower, and I come out with very dry blotchy patches all over my face. I then have to wait for it to calm down until I can start applying make up
Although my form of rosacea is quite mild, and not likely to result in much more than redness of the face, there is no 'cure'. For other types, the symptoms are treatable, but it's always there. Some people may try to cover it up with lots of make up, but this doesn't really help me, due to the sensitivity of my skin. I've talked a lot on my blog about how I'm allergic to toner, and I am very careful about skincare, as the wrong cleanser can create a flare up.
I'm reasonably accepting of my skin condition and pretty much just accept it now. I know as soon as I sip a glass of wine or cider, I'm going to have an instant redness flare up. It's a bit sore and embarrassing for a short while, until it settles down again, but it does calm reasonably quickly.

I haven't done this post for sympathy reasons, as rosacea doesn't affect how I live my day to day life. I just wanted to share some of my experiences, as there may be people out there who never even knew they were suffering from it.

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  1. I think I have rosacea too, but I have permanent red cheeks, brighter in the winter though. Much as I'd prefer my face wasn't so, I plough on and cover them up with slap if I'm feeling vain ;) x

  2. I have a rosacea too. I sometimes cover it up with makeup or foundation, but most of the time I don't and I just suck it up and deal with it.

  3. I have quite a lot of redness in my cheeks, I would definitely like to see some of the products you like to use!

    Jennie xo |

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  5. great!!!
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    just let me know


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