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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Another week goes by, and yet again, no post from me. How has a week already gone!? Maybe my plan of not blogging at weekends isn't really going to work. I'm spending so much time in the week catching up on work, that really I only have the weekends to do any blogging.
Last week, following my post on Autumn, I got the urge to start busting out some good old fashioned comfort food meals.
I feel as though Jamie Oliver has had a bit of bad press recently. His latest book is all aimed at cooking better for less, which certainly got my interest piqued, considering our biggest outgoing is our supermarket shopping bill. Granted, some of his comments have been rather misplaced, but I think this has somewhat overshadowed the principles behind his latest book, and accompanying TV series.
Save with Jamie is full of tips on how to save money buying food, how to stretch things further, and make more out of your leftovers, than just a the bog-standard stir fry.
I haven't made a fish pie in years, and after seeing a ready meal version in my local supermarket, I decided that rather than a Sunday Roast, it would be Sunday (fish) pie instead. This recipe seemed really straightforward, and I liked how much veg was crammed in, both in the filling, and by folding frozen peas, whipped up in a processor, through the mash.
This cost me about £10 to buy all the fish for this, which was mostly frozen, so there plenty left to make this again, and it fed me and Scott for two meals, so would easily feed a family of four. Jamie Oliver suggests serving it with baked beans (I know, bit random) but this would mean it went even further. It was really deliciously filling, and really proper comfort food, which prompted an abundance of comments from people intending to make fish pie this weekend.
If you fancy trying this out for yourself, the recipe can be found online here.


  1. Looks delicious, fish pie is one of my favourites, although I don't fancy it with baked beans! X

  2. I LOVE Jamie's fish pie, it's the best! It was the first dish I ever made from scratch!


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