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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

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The search for my elusive wedding shoes is proving to be a bit of a nightmare right now! I keep thinking the wedding is still so far away, but as my style of dress is likely to be so crucial to the theme of the day, I need to start thinking about my attire now.
I thought shoes were an add-on to 'The Dress' so to speak, but the shoes, I'm told, are just as important, as they will affect the length of the dress, and possibly even the style. They need to compliment one another.
I've been in love with the Diane Hassal Pearl Drift shoes, almost since I first started looking, but sadly at almost £200, I fear they are slightly out of my price range. As beautiful as they are, they certainly won't be worn again.
I've been toying with the idea of some vintage style art-deco shoes. My theme isn't really 1920s but it is slight vintage, so I'm not sure if they will work or not. Again these are rather out of my price range, but I'm trying to convince the future husband that I'm sure I'll wear them again!
Coming back down to earth (and more importantly, back down to budget!) I've also considered maybe a statement colour pair of shoes. My main colour theme is navy blue, and I love the idea of some photos of my bright blue shoes peeking out from under my dress.
These blue and lace shoes are actually on Etsy, and I've have considered whether I might be able to DIY some shoes like this myself. These navy blue rosette shoe clips, are also on Etsy, and could be added to any budget pair of shoes, like these lacy ones from New Look (I didn't know New Look did bridal shoes either!), keeping costs down, and making the shoes more wearable again in the future.
Do any of you have any tips for buying wedding shoes? Did you really wear them again or are they still in a box somewhere?


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  1. I have never have thought about the shoes this seriously- I didn't think about how it would affect the dress!! Your choices are all gorgeous though- the idea of some navy shoes (which could be your something blue!) is such a cool one! xx

  2. Ooooh I adore those blue shoes! I really love when brides wear some colour on their wedding day. I like dark coloured belts especially! They're so reasonably priced too! Gorgeous! :)

  3. I adore the detail on number 3, so classy.
    Little Blonde Life

  4. I spent ages looking for my wedding shoes, I wanted a medium sized heel and it had to be t-bar style. Ended up finding my ideal pair for £65, I absolutely loved wearing them before the day (to practice) and on the day but 6 and half years later, they're lovingly wrapped up in a box in the loft! :-) x


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