The 'New' New Year

Saturday, 31 August 2013

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I was browsing through my bloglovin feed, and read this post by Tabitha, on her blog, Scared Toast. It got me thinking about how September almost marks the start of a 'second' New Year. I don't mean with all the big party and fireworks, but just that it seems a time where we can take stock, and almost start again.
When I was still at school September marked the start of the new school year, and was in some respects, more important than the new year in January. It was a time for new uniforms, new school shoes, a new bag, and my most favourite thing in the world, new stationary! There was nothing I liked more than buying 20 thousand different coloured gel pens; ones that smell when you write with them; glittery ones; marble effect ones; new notepads, new pens, pencils, everything! I loved getting my new school planner and vowing to keep it pristine until the end of the year. Every new school book or folder was started in my best handwriting, with the date and title underlined (in a different colour - I needed those gel pens for a reason) and it was almost as though the previous year hadn't happened and you could metaphorically wipe the slate clean. My school was quite laid back in terms of uniform, so every year would mark a change in my interpretation of the uniform, as I became, older, more confident, and braver!
For those of you still at school or going to university, these thrills are still there. Going to university for the first time, for me, had the double edge thrill of moving away from home, and everything you were, and that you could become a completely different person if you wanted to be, reflecting your personality through your d├ęcor choices for your new student des-res.
Now I'm older and work full time, there isn't that same sense of break. But then again, I think there is. Even if you don't have children, or work in a school, September seems to mark a change in the year for us all. During the summer months everyone is off on their holidays, but by September, everyone is back and not considering taking leave for a least a few more weeks. Christmas starts to be on people's minds as the next countrywide bank holiday, and as the leaves start to turn and  the seasons change, so does the fashions and the food we eat, as we begin to think about settling in for the long cold winter.
Even if you don't go to school anymore, you can still recreate that sense of new beginnings again. See returning from your holiday as a fresh start. You could vow to keep up that holiday diet, try cooking some of the new foods you've tried, and vow to make time for your family in the way that you do only when on holiday. View your return to work, not with impending doom, but with a feeling of invigoration, and determination, that now is the time. You are refreshed and focused, and you  are going to tackle work just like the new school pupil starting secondary school for the first time And hey, if you want to do it with a brand new bag, full of new stationary, well go at it! Who says you have to stick to the boring office supplied stationary? Adorn and customise your desk with the prettiest pads and pens you can find.
Like in Tabitha's post, take some time to reflect on the success of your new year's resolutions so far. So often we don't reflect until we are about to make the following New Year's resolutions, so use the time to take stock. It may not be exactly half way through, but I think September, marks the start of the new new year!

Do you take time to reflect at different times in the year?


  1. I actually mentioned this in my post today - I totally agree that September is like a second new year! I'm so sad that this is the first year that isn't "back to school" for me - I'm missing my excuse to buy a ton of new stationary haha!

    Jess xo

  2. Oh good thinking eek... almost christmas too xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  3. I couldn't agree more with you! I'm about to start my last semester in university and it feels a lot different this year. Usually September does signal a new start to everything, but this one just feels like the beginning of the end- which it kind of is. A weird feeling that I didn't expect to have!
    xx Sarah

  4. I've always found it so funy that the school year is sept-aug and not january-december! I seem to reflect all year round, I'm constantly making resolutions which I never stick to hah.

    hannah bee


  5. I work in a school, and I definitely see September as the 'real' new year! I go back to work tomorrow and I'm actually kind of looking forward to the fresh start...

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  6. I always feel like this in September. Time to review the year so far and make plans for the next. I used to love the start of the new school term, for the same reason as you. Stationary!!!!

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx


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