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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Creamy Prawn Linguine

When my other half goes out, I always use it as an opportunity for some real 'me time'. This usually involves food of some kind, namely food I know he doesn't like all that much.
On this particular occasion, I was struggling to think of anything to cook, so I had a quick scroll with my 'liked' blogloving posts and came across Rosie's Pea and Prawn Linguine. I'd saved this post a while ago, and it seemed the perfect accompaniment to a glass of white wine, and an old Foyle's War.
The final outcome was a combination of Rosie's recipe and this BBC one, with a few chopped chilli's added for extra spice. Some sun-blushed tomato and garlic bread on the side, and I had the makings of a meal, fit for any night in alone.
Needless to say, my eyes were bigger than my belly, and the leftover went in the fridge for me to have for lunch the following day. A few hours later, when my wonderful future husband returned home, I could hear various chomping at the side of me. I rolled over to find him having a midnight feast of my leftover prawns, pasta and garlic bread!
Scott - "Why don't you make this any other time?"
Me - "Because you don't normally like prawns!"
Scott - "I don't mind prawns, I'm just not a big fan, but this is alright."
So this is now firmly off my list of "When Scott Goes Out" recipes and is now in the "Everyday/Occasions" binder!


  1. Hahah boys can be SO fickle, can't they!? I've only just got into eating fish and seafood, and prawns and pasta are a new favourite. I love making a spicy tomato sauce with prawns and courgettes and tossing it with spaghetti. And this looks so yummy too! xx

  2. I have different food when the boy isn't at home for tea too! Often soup or a salad or something that he doesn't count as a 'full meal'!


  3. So glad you both liked the dish! I'm really craving some now, and that bread looks pretty phenomenal too...!


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