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Saturday, 17 August 2013

It's been a while since I have a) done a beauty post and b) done a post about my skincare routine.
If you have followed my blog for anything longer than a week, you will probably by now know that I am a loyal clarins skincare addict. Now I'm not suddenly going to admit to having gone to skincare rehab, however my clarins addicition is not entirely good for my purse so I've been trying to find a cheaper alternative.
You may know from my post last year, that finding a skincare routine was not the easiest thing in the world for me to find, so even considering deviating from it was never going to be easy. During one of my trips to Lush (I go very rarely but buy a lot when I do) I talked to the girl about my current skincare routine, and why I was looking for something else. This was prompted by her taking off some of the emotional brilliance products she had tried on me with Ultrabland, and me commenting on how nice it felt.
I decided to give the Ultrabland Cleanser, and Celestial Moisturiser a go. The girl asked me about a toner, and when I said I was allergic, I got the usual spiel of how their products are really sensitive etc etc. I just want to take this opportunity to give complete kudos to Lush's customer service. The girl explained that their Eau Roma Water was basically water and essential essences - no nasties in here whatsoever. She tried a bit on my neck and waited, and when it didn't go red (and I was still not quite convinced) she demonstrated her complete faith in the product by giving my a full sized free bottle of toner!
I've tried all three together as a skincare routine at home. Ultrabland has a very strange texture as its quite oily and greasy with a bit of fine texture to it. I'm not sure how good this would be on oily skin, but on my dehydrated skin its felt really nice. As I said the texture is a bit odd, and it's not the prettiest of smells, but it cleans and takes up every trace of make up, even waterproof, without breaking into a sweat. Its gentle on the eyes and I had no problem using it to take off waterproof mascara. You do have to take the excess off with a warm flannel, and this is when you really do need your toner to get rid of that last little bit.
The Eau Roma Water has been brilliant! I've even used it in the middle of my Clarin's routine and its still worked well. Its nice to get that really clean refreshed feeling after using cleanser before adding moisturiser.
The Celestial moisturisers I quite strange as I've been used to a heavy cream, whereas this is a really light fluffy whipped cream. Its worked well over the summer months, but I'm no confident on its ability to stand up to the harsh winter weather, and I'm certain I  will need to go back to my Clarins cream, and serum by then.
Overall I think the Lush skincare routine has worked quite well, and I think if you've got normal to dry skin it will be perfect. A friend of mine did comment my skin was looking a little drier than usual, so it's not a complete replacement for Clarins for me, but in times of financial distress, its certainly kept me ticking over.
Have you tried any of these Lush products? Have you compared them to more expensive brands?


  1. The water does sound amazing... I love Ultrabland too xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. I used to love ultrabland. I love their fresh face masks as well, Brazened Honey is an absolute god send for under-the-skin spots

    Slightly Skint Blog

  3. How amazing is Lush customer service? It blows me away every time I'm in a store! So good that you've not reacted to the toner! I use Celestial as an eye cream during summer since it's too heavy for me, and just use it on dry patches during the winter. I love the soft seaweed cleanser they make called Aqua Marina, it's so amazing!

  4. Great stuff! I love Ultrabland and the Eau Roma Water Toner! I think I've tried Celestial too. It's not bad, but yeah you're right that it may not stand up against the harsh winter months.

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea


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