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Monday, 12 August 2013

Before I started blogging I would regularly buy fashion magazines. I would bring them home, pour over them for hours minutes and they would very quickly be discarded, as there was often very little content to read, and by the time the next issue was out, the fashions were already dated. There was no reason to keep them as there was nothing I ever felt I would want to refer back to.

Since I discovered the world of blogging, it's certainly curbed my urge to buy fashion magazines, as I much prefer to turn to a blogger for street style, rather than high end un-wearable fashions. What blogging has made me focus on is the things I really love, and although I enjoy clothes, I also enjoy the much more simple things in life and being a bit of a home-bird.

Pretty Nostalgic magazine popped up on my twitter feed sometime ago. It appeals to my sense of being quintessentially British, by only focusing on British made products and designs, and my love of all things vintage. Pretty Nostalgic is an independent magazine that is published every other month, that "celebrates vintage, traditional and sustainable ways of living".

I have recently begun collecting all of the back issues, and Pretty Nostalgic is certainly one of those magazines you will want to keep. Its so pretty to look at and display, and there are articles in it that you will refer back to again and again and again. I think this is the only magazine that I was unable to finish before the bath went cold, as it's not filled with loads of adverts, but instead filled with lots of quality content, pictures, drawings, interviews and reviews. (It also smells quite nice too, if like me, you like that sort of thing!)

Pretty Nostalgic is available to buy online or in WHSmiths. You may think at £8 its slightly pricy, but as it only comes out every other month, I work out that's pretty much the same as the big (advert filled) glossies out there!

 Have you read Pretty Nostalgic?


  1. Ooooh this looks like such a pretty magazine! Must look into picking one up for myself!

  2. I love Pretty Nostalgic and great minds think alike - I did a post all about how fab it is the other day! :-)

    I signed up for a yearly subscription at their stall at Glastonbury Festival - makes the magazines only £6 each and they threw in a copy of their 'Pretty Nostalgic Home' book as a free gift :-) x


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