Thursday, 29 August 2013

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Every time I come to write my monthly Mostly.... post, I always think "well I haven't done much this month!" As soon as I start writing I realise actually there's lots of things I've been doing, eating reading, watching etc and the post just flows. But this month I've really struggled to get to grips with what my month has mostly consisted of, aside from work!
So in a change from the usually format, I decided, rather than not do this post, that I would re-cap what I've mostly been up to, via some of this month's posts. So if you've missed anything during August, here's your chance to check out my favourite posts, from the last 30 days.
In my post about when 'Scott goes out' I shared with you one of my new favourite comfort recipes, that I like to enjoy with a glass of wine, and a good TV programme!
Wedding Planning.......
As with any month in the BBB household, there is some level of wedding planning going on. This month, I've made my own wedding planner/binder/organiser, as well as thought about my wedding shoes to wear on the big day.
Back copies of Pretty Nostalgic magazine, and Cecelia Ahern's Book of Tomorrow.
Taking some time to think about the Simple Pleasure's in life, really made me feel appreciate of the things in life that we so often forget about. This was on of my favourite posts to write over the last few months, in fact, and I'd love to her some more of yours.
What have you been Mostly...... this month?

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