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Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Kit

More kit - details below

Finished binder


Custom tabs and pocket

Custom tabs

Essential calender

Essentials - pen; post its; vouchers; business cards

Polypockets keep everything safe.

So even though I said I was not going to turn this into a wedding blog, here is yet another wedding post I wanted to share with you.
I've became increasingly frustrated at the lack of pretty, budget friendly Wedding organisers out there. The majority were over £20 and included a lot of information I didn't require in my own binder. I decided instead to make my own.

My Kit:-
  • Lever Arch Folder
  • 10 tab divider
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Polypockets
  • Printable Wedding Organiser/Planner (the one I sued can be found here)
  • A5 press stud folder
  • Printable Calendar (found here)
  • Various embellishments
  • Crafting materials (eg pens, papers, craft knife, glue)
I bought one of these recycled lever arch folders from The Range, and used a combination of scrapbook paper, lace, buttons, twine and luggage tags to make it look pretty - I wanted this to be something I wanted to look at time and time again, and hopefully keep, once the planning is all over, as a record of our special day.
There is certainly a lack of pretty tabbed dividers out there (stationary companies please take note.) As a bit of a stationary junkie, I was really disappointed with what was on offer, both in the shops and online. I used pretty scrap booking papers to make my own dividers. I glued the first tab that will be seen upon opening to the back of the paper to make it strong. Rather than wasting my pretty (and expensive paper) on all the other tabs that would be hidden by the pages inside, I drew around each individual tab, and just stuck the paper to the tab only, and not the whole divider. I was able to do this from the leftover from the first divider. I then used a sharpie pen to write what would go behind each tab - this is personal preference really - you can see some of mine in the pictures above.
I then added the pages of my free printable wedding planner behind each appropriate tab. I didn't keep all of them, as some of the were not relevant (eg gift list) and I am using excel spread sheets to keep track of my guests and will print those out at a later stage. There are some really useful tips interspersed through the planner, and it gives you ideas of questions to ask when meeting with people.
Finally I added polypockets which I filled with various information on different services (eg photographers, DJ's, florists etc) as well as any confirmations and invoices. As things are booked and confirmed, I then discard all the additional services I'm no longer going to use. This keeps it organised and focused and free of clutter.
I added a printable calendar to the back to keep track of the important dates, as these were getting lost in my Filofax which I use for work. I also added the little A5 folder at the front and superglue it in. This is storage for post-its a pen and little business cards. I also added some note paper.
I love my wedding planner, and its unique and special to me. It has all my essential info in it, and already gives a hint to how a lot of the wedding is probably going to look.
Even if you're not getting married anytime soon, you could use some of these ideas to organise folders for yourself - maybe for a piece of uni work, or even as a blog planner folder.


  1. Sooo cute. I'm getting married a year next month and I totally need to make one of these!


  2. I love this idea! My other half proposed to me a couple of weeks ago and this is a great idea to sort ideas and things, as I have no idea how to start planning the wedding!

    Rachel xx

  3. This is so cute and the best thing you will ever need xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  4. This is beautiful! Just as pretty, if not more so, than buying one for a ridiculous price :) xx


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