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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I'll be honest, I've generally avoided books by Cecelia Ahern. I think it comes from my fear of the book, PS I Love You. Books are a form of escapism, and generally I don't like reading something that I know will have me blubbing over the pages. Don't get me wrong, I have read sad stories, but as I know that PS I Love You is going to be sad, at some point within the book, I've avoided it like the plague.
During a thrifting session I picked up The Book of Tomorrow. I was initally attracted to the cover, but almost went to put it back when I noted the author, as I convinced myself Cecelia Ahern only wrote sad books. It was only because my friend stopped me, advising me it really was a good book and that I would enjoy it, that I decided to give it a chance.
The Book of Tomorrow focuses on 17 year old Tamara Goodwin, who is generally a bit of a spoiled brat and believes the world owes her a living. Tamara's descriptions of her life, prior to finding her father dead in his study, after he commits suicide, do not endear you to her character. Her struggles with the loss of her luxurious lifestyle, and living in the grounds of  ruined castle, do nothing to help this impression of Tamara. I would much prefer the castle setting, than the super duper modern house she describes!
In lieu of anything else to do, (and in pursuit of a boy) Tamara boards the mobile library and discovers a locked diary. Just like the way I was drawn to the cover of this book, Tamara is drawn to the locked book with it's big gold clasp. Tamara soon discovers the diary writes her an entry every day, as though she had written it herself, however, it shows her entry for the following day. Tamara then has to choose whether to live by the diary or against it.
There is something magical about this book, and the way Cecelia Ahern write, makes the whole thing very believable. It starts off reasonably slow, but upon discovering the diary, moves quickly towards its conclusion. I won't give too much away about the ending, but needless to say, Tamara becomes a whole lot more likeable as the story goes on, and the ending is not the direction I anticipated the book going towards.
This has definitely made me consider reading more books by Cecelia Ahern in the future.
Have you read this book? Are you a fan of Cecelia Ahern?


  1. I've read two by Cecelia Ahern and didn't really enjoy either of them... :(

  2. I was also attracted to this book by its cover though we are not supposed to judge a book by its cover :).
    I was bored at first but I enjoyed it towards its end after the discovery of the diary. And this is the only book I read by Cecelia Ahern.

  3. Oooh this sounds like such a good read! I'm really enjoying being able to read for pleasure, since finishing uni. Might have to do a cheeky Kindle purchase for this one! ;)

  4. I picked this up at a thrift store too but it's just sat in my cupboard gathering dust, might seek it out!

  5. ooh this sounds quite good! I've never read any of her books because I've always thought she only wrote sad ones too! May have to give this a try now :)

    Natalee <3


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