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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

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A couple of weeks before my holiday, I had a rather interesting email asking me if I would be interested in trying out some ready mixed cocktails. I agreed this was right up my street, and then promptly forgot all about it, until a very large box turned up on my doorstep - on my birthday coincidentally! As much as I was tempted to crack one open there and there, I took the sensible decision (it was only 10am after all) to wait and take them away with us.
I saw sent two types of cocktail to review, 1.5litre Cosmopolitan pouch and a small frozen MarGOrita cocktail. I froze the smaller one before we set off and it acted as a brilliant ice pack in the cool box, and was not completely defrosted by the time we arrived. The pouch style packaging makes them really easy to transport and a lot less weight than taking glass bottles or cans - perfect for festivals! The pouches are 10% abv, and there are about 14 servings in each one.
If I'm completely honest I found the Cosmopolitan cocktail too strong for my liking. I like my cocktails to taste like there's no alcohol in them, but this tasted really strong! I am going to try  adding maybe some more cranberry juice and giving it an extra good shake next time I try some, but at the moment it is sat in the back of the fridge.
The MarGOrita has been in and out of the freezer so many times, but it happily kept getting re-frozen. At first I also found this a little bit strong tasting, but after adding a bit of sugar, as well as coating the rim, I found it really refreshing to drink during the warm summer days we've had recently. I think there would be a definite danger of drinking too many of these on a sunny afternoon so be warned!
I will certainly be re-purchasing the MarGOrita frozen cocktail in the future, as well as the Strawberry Daiquiri flavour, which is one of my favourite frozen cocktails! The other half has also requested a WooWoo pouch. The company also sell mocktails too, and most of the different varieties can be found in your local Asda - the pouches retail at around £8.00.
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  1. I love the idea of coating the glass rim with sugar! will definitely give it a go myself :) x

  2. I love a cold cocktail on a sunny evening. Strawberry daiquiri's are my favourite too. I will be heading down to Asda to check these out.


  3. I saw these the other day and was wondering if they were any good. Might give them a shot for easy-ness on a girly night in.


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