Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It sounds so cliché but there goes another month! Where did July disappear to? I'm almost late with my Monthly Mostly post as well. July has been a bizarre and crazy month in the BBB household. I've just packed the other half off on a lads holiday (literally - he goes on holiday, I pack the case, what's that all about!?!) so me and Toby have been left home alone!
Here's what's been going on over this crazy month!
Moving up.......
Work always keeps me very busy, and soon after finishing this post I'll be doing exactly that, but I've had extra to do this month as I was hoping to achieve a promotion. A job came up for a senior role, and I was lucky enough to get an interview. Part of the interview was a pre-prepared question, which you had to present your answer too. I spent a good week on preparing this presentation and researching other elements of the interview before it took place.
I can say my preparation all paid off as I was offered the job a few days later. I'm not sure when I will start yet due to some internal issues, but an added bonus is that one of my colleagues also gained the same position.


As usual there always some form of junk food in one of these posts. This months junk food fad is Lotus biscuits. I saw a few bloggers chatting about the Lotus spread that apparently you can only buy in Waitrose. I was never really that fussed about trying it until some very unkind person decided to bring the biscuit version into work. Now I am hooked! I have recently discovered my local B&N bargains sells them too, and well, it's not good for the wedding dress diet lets put it that way! I'm on a mission to find this spread now too!


The wedding fund has sadly taken a bit of a hit this month, as we have had to find money for two 'emergencies' (ok one wasn't technically an emergency).
During the month my faithful old laptop decided to overheat and start turning its self off on a regular basis. This, coupled with the fact that the hard drive was showing that it was so full it was on red, we felt maybe it was time we invested in a new laptop. I often work at home and need a reasonably fast and reliable machine to do this, and as it had lost two reports in a week, we felt we couldn't really wait much longer. In October I usually get a bonus from supporting other members of staff, and the plan had been to buy one then, but the risk of losing valuable information was becoming too great, so we decided to dip into the savings. Once the bonus goes in, we will be immediately be putting this back.
I bought an acer aspire A5, which is, so far, running like a dream. Windows 8 is taking some getting used to, but is so much quicker, the screen quality is much better than my old laptop and its barely full despite all my music an photos. It did take about 3 or 4 days to transfer everything to the cloud and onto my new laptop though!
The second big expense was on Toby, as he spent nearly a whole week going in an out of the vets. The whole saga started about a week before when he managed to swallow a whole kebab including the wooden skewer. The advice from the emergency vet was to keep an eye on him as the chances were he would just digest it. A week later his greediness didn't appear to be having any adverse affects, then suddenly he began to go off his food and wouldn't eat a thing. The vet took his temperature which was a little high and gave him antibiotics. The following day out of nowhere, he suddenly became really breathless and his back legs didn't seem to work. We rushed him straight to the vets, fearing the worst, but by the time he arrived he had perked up. He was x-rayed and given more antibiotics, and a strong dose of sedative (do you know how heavy a sedated Labrador is!?) He was admitted the following day to have "barium swallow" which is where the vet tracks a substance through his digestive system, via x-ray, to check for blockages and leaks. He was in for the whole day (while I'm trying to do an interview!) but again still nothing. More antibiotics and stomach settlers and he was sent home, with a return clinic visit the following day just to check everything had passed through. Despite the various test and appointments, (and expense, although of course when it comes to keeping him healthy, money is no object!) we still don't have a diagnosis but now he's back to his old self. The vet believes it was a combination of the very warm weather and an infection. We might love the warm weather but it's not always good for our pets!
Taking My Own Advice
Due to the various expenses we've had this month (on top of my car MOT) finances have been very tight up until payday. As a result, I've been taking some of my own advice. You may remember some of the tips I  suggested back in January to help have free for fun and still get those fashion and beauty fixes. The warm weather has meant have had the opportunity to re-discover some of my clothes which are usually just resigned to holidays, so I haven't felt the need to go shopping. I'm also working through all my goodies from the #SheffieldMeetUp so I've had plenty of beauty products to keep me entertained too, along with my back purchases of Pretty Nostalgic.

What have you been Mostly......  this month?


  1. It really is the worst when your pet is sick and the vets can't figure out whats wrong, so you keep having to get more tests! It's not like you can say 'oh sorry i've reached my budget for the vets this month, you'll have to stay sick'. I'm glad he's feeling better though. I'm utterly convinced that my cat hates this warm weather, he must be so hot in all that fur, but I can't explain to him that he should sit in front of the fan!

  2. Oh this month has been speedy for me too, I'm not sure where it's gone but I've mostly filled it with time at the gym. I've made one dress so far (only for my sister though) and have started some of the planning for camp.

  3. So glad Toby's feeling better now, what an ordeal for you all?! Poor little man. On a positive note, those Lotus biscuits are incredible! x

  4. HUGE congratulations on the promotion, you should be so proud of yourself!!! This month I've mostly been spending too- admittedly, mostly on a trip to Thailand but even still- I appear to think I make millions the way I've been spending!! xx


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