Giveaway Win - Brit-stitch Neapolitan Half-Pint

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A few weeks ago, whilst on a night out, I was mid-instagramming a picture of cocktails in a teapot (seriously - check out my instagram!) when I received an rather unexpected tweet telling me I had won Brit-Stitch's giveaway for a Neapolitan Half-Pint.
I've rather admired the Brit-Stitch satchels for a while, but having recently purchased a Zatchel, and my beautiful Topshop bag, I was struggling to justify yet another bag, never mind another satchel, so to win this little darling was an added bonus.
The main body of the bag is in vanilla yellow.cream, with chocolate brown sides and carry handles, and strawberry pink cross body strap and detailing.
There are a number of elements of this bag that I think are particularly well made. Firstly, the addition of the magnetic stud underneath the buckle. As much as I love my Zatchel, I do find the faff of constantly undoing the buckles rather a chore, so this makes getting in and out of the bag much easier. The metal 'B'  tag on the side of the bag, and the stamped 'BRIT-STITCH' on the back of the bag, show the level of the quality of the bag. Inside there is the added bonus of an insert, which results in there being two pockets to the back, which is much better than other leather satchels I've come across, which are often just one big open bag.
The half-pint is the perfect size for your basic essentials, such as phone keys and money, when you're not lugging everything and the kitchen sink around.


  1. Such a cute bag! Love the colours xo

  2. That is really cute xx

  3. gorgeous, love that it's a popper rather than a buckle too because they can be tricky to open x

  4. This bag is wonderful! Pretty jealous of you.

    Writer’s block and broken lenses

  5. This is such a gorgeous handbag! Love the pastel colours, so pretty!


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