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Monday, 22 July 2013

During our little UK break, we did occasionally venture away from the retreat of our log cabin and hot tub. It's been a long time since I visited this area of the country, but it's home to one of my very favourite places (and my Mum's!) - Barter Books.
Barter Books is one of the largest secondhand bookshops in Britain and is housed inside Alnwick's old railway station, which sadly closed down in 1968. The owners have managed to retain some of the beautiful features of the station, whilst housing the largest array of secondhand books I've probably ever seen. Needless to say I never leave without making some sort of purchase and I could literally spend hour upon hour, gazing at the murals, poems, and quotes that adorn the walls; the model train which runs around the top of the book cases, as well as wondering at some of the old and rare books, whilst enjoying a cup of tea. (Subject to a small donation) There is also a small tea rooms inside, and, in complete contrast to so many shops, dogs are very welcome! Sadly, Toby isn't quite as fond of books as me (unless it involves chewing them) so my time was somewhat limited, but I would have loved to spend more time, just enjoying the history of the place. There is also a self-guided walkabout tour that you can have a look at, which tells you more about the history and architecture of the building. Interestingly the famous "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster was actually discovered by the owners, in a box of old books at auction. After displaying it in the store, they had so many requests for copies, that, after checking the copy write was no longer in place, they decided to reproduce it for sale. It has now become iconic with the resurgence of vintage-cool.
Following my foray into the world of literature, I felt Toby (and indeed the other half!) deserved to do something they enjoyed. We headed to a beach a few miles away called Cresswell, which we had been told about by a friend. It was more or less deserted, and has no real beach front, aside from one small ice cream shop, which probably explains the lack of tourists. The biggest attraction for us though, is that dogs are allowed on it all year round, which is a rarity come the summer months.
As you can see, Toby was especially happy with his stick discovery (there's no one happier than a Labrador with a new stick!) and all the new sights and smells of sea and seaweed. I'm sure he would have loved the sea, but being bad parents we forgot a towel so we couldn't really allow him to go in. It was quite a way out as well and he never showed any real interest - he was too fascinated by his paws sinking in the soft sand!
After all that fresh air, it was back along the coast for a big bag of fish and chips (also enjoyed by one very happy Labrador) in the car, just as the rain came pouring down.
There really is nothing quite like a very British holiday!

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  1. That book shop looks magical! And how chuffed is Toby with his stick?! So cute! He's so handsome!



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