#CharcoalChallenge - Indoor Picnic

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A couple of weeks ago I received an email about taking part in MoneySupermarket's #CharcoalChallenge. The idea is that you are given a £50 budget* to create a budget barbeque for family and friends.
On Tuesday, my future husband, is going on a boys holiday for a week, so I wanted us to be able to spend some special time together as a family over the weekend. Sadly, the weather decided to turn on us this week, so I wasn't holding out much hope of our barbeque happening at all. Ever the pragmatist, Scott thought we could dodge the rain enough to cook the food, but would have to eat indoors. (This turned out to be precisely true, as within minutes of taking these pictures, the heavens opened.)
We spent most of our budget on food and drink, but as we don't yet have any garden furniture, I opted to also include a picnic rug within the budget, with the hope that we can use this on future family outings. My picnic basket was bought from an antiques shop as a gift from my mum and dad. It was part filled already, but I added items from a little backpack picnic set I already had. The great thing about having a solid picnic basket, is that its great for standing drinks and sauces in. The fairy lights, cushions and bunting I already had in my living room (you may remember my bunting from a blogger swap last year) and I used them to make a little indoor pretty picnic for us both. The added bonus of eating indoors, was that we could snuggle up with Toby in front of a good film too - how he managed to stay away from the food I have no idea!
So our shopping list looked like this :-
  • Blanket - £8
  • Lamb Steaks & Skewers - £6
  • Burgers - £3
  • Bread Cobs - £1 (showing my regional accent here!)
  • Ribs - £5
  • Potatoes - £1.50
  • Salad and Dressing - £3
  • Strawberries - £2
  • Meringues - £1.80
  • Ice Cream - £2
  • Strawberry Cider - £10 (for 6)
          Total = £43.30
We didn't spend all of our budget, and we also had plenty over for the next day, so this could have easily gone around at least 4 people. For pudding, I made Eton Mess from Strawberries, Crushed Meringues and Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream. It was a real treat and serving it in a glass made it extra special.
We really enjoyed our cosy indoor barbeque, and it was really nice to spend some quality time together.
Have you taken part in the #CharcoalChallenge?


*£50 provided by MoneySupermarket


  1. oo this looks like a lovely idea for those rainy days, a lot cheaper than i expected too :) ox

  2. how sad that the weather wasn't right for enjoying the time outdoors! You must have had a lovely feast, I'm drooling at the thought of eton mess! x

  3. This looks so lovely! I think indoor picnics can be more fun than outdoors ones, they're so much more cosy! That eton mess looks seriously delicious. Majorly crushing on your picnic hamper too...


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