Sunday, 16 June 2013

You may remember aaaaaages I said I was going along to my first official blogger meet up event. This post has been a very long time coming, and I've managed to hold back from using all these goodies until now!! But it's now starting to drive my crazy, so I figured I'd better get around to photographing everything so I could dive in!
The event was organised by Rachel, Caroline and Charlotte, and the girls sorted out so many amazing things for us bloggers, including a free lunch, a fab goody bag, ith amazing persoanlised tags, and a presentation by Lush and further goodies! 
 I practically bullied Abby into coming along with me, and we met about an hour before, at the entrance of Meadowhall. We did a bit of wandering round, before making our way to the meeting.
We were treated to our lunch at Handmade Burger Co. I've eaten there before, and knew how big the portions of chips were, so it was quite funny to see everyone's reactions! They generously gave us all a free burger side and refillable drink. I had a chicken burger, but I did eye up a minted lamb burger for a while!
I sat with Rachel, Abby  and Frances - here's a picture of us with Rachel, who organised the meet up. The girls on my table were lovely, and we had a good old chat, and all admired Frances camera (and her cute little hat!) a lot.
Picture kindly donated by Rachel of Lost In Lipstick
Goodie Bag Goodies
We then had a sneaky rummage through our lovely goodie bags, and a raffle (in which I was lucky enough to win a prize!) before quick wander around Primark, as it was really busy, before heading down to Lush.
Raffle Prize!
We were told all about Lush's ethics, how the company began, from a previously failed company, and about some of the ingredients they use. We were shown one of the new products, FUN, and the Emotional Brilliance range. Finally we were treated to a bumper goody bag! We were all amazed at how much they had given us, and you would think we wouldn't need to buy anything, but a blogger in Lush is like a bee to a honeypot, and I certainly filled one of the lovely wicker baskets!
Lush Lessons

I had a fabulous day, although I was really tired by the end of it! and I got the chance to meet some amazing bloggers. I would certainly recommend anyone to go along to a blogger meet up if you get the chance.
I'll be sharing some of my purchases in my next post. 

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