Saturday, 29 June 2013

I'm new to the Homeland craze, after buying my boyfriend series 1 for his birthday. We started watching it whilst on our recent holiday and are currently hooked.

Miss Fisher Mysteries



If you loved the fashions of The Great Gatsby, and love a good murder mystery drama, then Miss Fisher Mysteries is right up your street. Set in 1920s Australia, the fashions and jazz music are enough to get me to watch, add a 'spunky' lady detective who doesn't like to conform to the norm, and I've wasted a good few hours in front of this.

Aside from my recent book review, I've found a new love of magazines. I fell out of favour with magazines since discovering blogs, as I often found them to be rather out of sync with what was hot fashion wise in the blogging world. However, recently I've discovered two new magazines worth spending my (recently) rather limited funds on. The Simple Things and Pretty Nostalgic, are more lifestyle rather than fashion magazines, which blog-wise I prefer, so I think this is why they have appealed so much.
I intend to do a more detailed review on Pretty Nostalgic later on this week - check back for why I love it so much.
Me and my boyfriend have recently returned from a short break in Northumberland. It was our first holiday together with the pup, so was a very different holiday to the ones we've previously had together. Being in the middle of nowhere with next to no Internet, is actually quite liberating, and I've enjoyed my break from the social media world. Full detailed post of this to come.
Sadly, and un-interestingly, this month appears to have been mostly full of work. I was genuinely struggling to think of things that I had been up to this month, aside from work, hence the shortness of this post. Due to the confidential nature of my work, I'm unable to discuss what I have been doing, but of late it hasn't particularly excited me as much as usual. That maybe due to the fact that I've been unwell.
I've been suffering with toothache this last month. Mostly through my own fault, as I failed to do anything about a recently broken one, but over time its slowly got worse. I'm on my second set of antibiotics, and it's just generally made me feel rather unwell all round. I've been to have it checked out and the appropriate referrals have been made, so hopefully long term it will all be rectified.
A rather short (and late) monthly mostly post, but I do like to try and keep to some of the more regular posts now I've started them.
What have you been Mostly.......?


  1. Love Homeland xx

  2. I think I need to look into this Homeland series. I love period dramas and this might take away the lack of Downton Abbey for a while <3

  3. Working .. And working on my blog. It's time to take it to the next level. I want to constantly be improving it.
    Adela x


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