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Sunday, 7 April 2013

A few weeks ago, loads of bloggers did "What's on my bedside table" posts. Being the general nosey blogger I am, I loved these types of posts! I'm slightly behind the times but after doing my mini room makeover post, I wanted to start doing more home posts.
My Bedside table is a chest of three drawers in dark brown wood from Argos. My boyfriend has the same on his side of the bed. I use my drawers for underwear - so in my top drawer is bras; second - pants and third - socks!
I don't have a pretty alarm clock - I have a basic black digital clock so I can see it when I roll over in the dark. I don't actually use it as an alarm and only really use my phone as an alarm, but I like having a clock as well. I have matching cream table lamps, but I cant remember where I bought them from!

I've always got my kindle and my Ipad at the side of my bed and which ever book I'm currently reading (if I'm not reading one on my Kindle)

My blue candle jar was from Dunelm Mill, which is great for lovely little homeware accessories. I really struggle to find Navy blue items and bedding to match my bedroom decor. The little picture frame I re-painted. I've had the little card for ages so decided to make use of it in my bedroom. I do want to change this, as this would go much better in my living room, so I'm looking for a pretty postcard to replace it.

The little wooden box is a cigar box I bought whilst in Cuba for about £13. Its handmade and retains a lovely woody smell whenever I open it. I use it to store my night-time Beauty products and spare chargers and cables for my kindle ipad and phone. I'm a bit of a Clarins obsessive anyway, but I have so many of the hand and nail creams around (due to getting the little free samples on such a regular basis) and I love the smell of it as it has that grown-up-skin-spa-Clarins smell about it. The blue orchid oil is a sample size, but I like to use this on any spots I get to work overnight or as a bit of a skin boost by using it as an overnight 'mask'.
I always keep a tin of Vaseline at the side of the bed, as its great to slather all over dry lips before going to bed as it has chance to get to work. I recently added the Crazy Rumours lip balm after it was sent to me as part of my beauty blogger swap. It doesn't work as well as the Vaseline but its smell gorgeous and its great for when my lips aren't too dry.
I hope you like my bedside table post. I'm considering doing a 'room tour' post - what do you think?



  1. I always have my iPad and Kindle on my bedside table too xx


  2. This is great-I love these sorts of posts! (I am also a very nosy person) I'm tempted to do one myself, except that would necessitate me TIDYING my bedside table. Oops. xx

  3. Vaseline is always a must for the side of the bed!


  4. I really love these sorts of posts! One of my bed side table draws is a 'to-read' draw with my current book always on top like yours!

    Lauren x

  5. I love these posts - I'm super nosey, too!
    The cigar box is so pretty :)

    Jesss xo

  6. I love these posts, I did one my self too :) Any home-y type post is perfect for me though. I like getting ideas too :) LOVELY XX


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