Thursday, 25 April 2013

So this month I have been Mostly.......
I'm one of those odd people who enjoy organising their wardrobe. This month I've finally put my really thick cardigans and jumpers in my other wardrobe and bought out some of my more summery things. I have left most of my cardigans and jumpers still, it's just my thickest ones I've put away, so to speak. I've also arranged my tops and jumpers by colour, and put all my skirts and dresses together and my suits together, just to try to see what I have better. I've also done something similar with my shoes.


I've been listening to Meatloaf since probably before I was even born, so when he announced he was doing his final tour, I had to go along. I took my Mum for her birthday, who in turn took her best friend (who is incidentally my godmother) for her birthday, and my best friend and fellow Meatloaf die hard came along for Harvester food and some hard-core rocking! It's safe to say his voice isn't what it used to be, and considering that he's 65 and what he's put his voice through over the years, it's hardly surprisingly, but it was still a phenomenal gig and I glad to say I was a part of it.
The Unseen by Katherine Webb. This was an absolutely brilliant book that I honestly couldn't put down. More on this to come in a book review soon.
Like literally EVERYONE in the blogging world I succumbed to peer pressure and bough a Zatchels bag during their 50% off sale. I probably would have never bought one at full price as I just couldn't justify a 100% satchel to myself. However I can justify a £50 leather bag to myself so I made a cheeky pre-day purchase on my naughty credit card with an oath to pay it off immediately upon pay day!!
More amazing bloggers in the shape of Sarah and Rachel as I mentioned in my London Hauling post. I will be at the Sheffield Meet Up next month as well, which I'm so excited for!
I've become more than a little bit addicted to Tesco Oat and Raisin cookies. I am also starting to realise that every time I do this post it often involves some form of junk food, which I'm quite concerned about.
So a slightly shorter than usual Mostly post. What have you been Mostly.....?


  1. Those cookies looks so good!


  2. So jealous you got to see Meatloaf! I saw him a couple of years back and he was incredible, absolutely love him.

    Jesss xo

  3. I've mostly been baking. It's getting a little bit ridiculous now. But I'm totally with you on the organised thing! My room is a mess right now, but my wardrobe is still in colour order... xx

  4. So glad you will be at the Sheffield blogger meet :)

    LittleBlondeLife Lifestyle Blog

  5. Ahh I went to see Meatloaf in Manchester quite a few years ago now, my ex's Dad was so into him, and so we took his parents for a Big Bday.

    I think I may be the only person who didn't get a Zatchels the other day!

  6. I love organising my clothes too, it's so satisfying! I have clothes rails at the moment so am excited to have a proper wardrobe to organise when I move in a couple of months :)
    Love Holly x


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