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Saturday, 30 March 2013

In my Mini Room Makeover post, I showed you my pinboard that I made to pretty up my spare room and help organise it better.
I wanted to show you how I made my pinboard for around £10.

I bought these cheap basic cork boards from Wilkinson's for £3. They were smaller than I would have liked, so I planned to put four boards together to make a larger one, but I felt they needed brightening up.

Whilst browsing in Wilkinson's, I fell in love with some of the wallpaper prints they had in store. There wasn't anywhere in my house I needed to redecorate, but I decided to use the pretty paper as part of my pinboard project. You can have wallpaper samples for free in most DIY stores, and usually you get more with patterned paper so you can get a true feel of what it would look like on a wall. For me, it was just free pretty paper!

I cut a square larger than my board, and then cut the corners at an angle in order to fold them around the edges of the board better. I then pulled the paper taut and staple gunned it into place.
Once you've done that all the way around (ensuring you pull it tight as your going) you should have a clean neat finish on the front.

I used two different prints and combined four boards to make a larger one. I didn't glue them together in any way, and instead hung them seperately but closely together instead.
As you can see I've started to tack some of my gig and concert tickets to the bottom board, although I don't want to cover up the pretty print too much! My Boyfriend insisted on some of his football tickets going up there too, and  I've also pinned up some little cards and pictures that I have too.


My new pinboard has not only helped organise my room, but make it look pretty too!

What do you think of this little make?


  1. THis is so cute! Definitely trying this xo

  2. This is really lovely xx

  3. Oh wow this is such a great idea, it looks so cool and looks like something you would buy in a shop! I would never have thought to do something like this, I'm moving soon so may just have to make one of these :)
    Love Holly x

  4. Looks great and such a cheap option too. Might look at doing some with some holiday pics soon... x


    1. That sounds like a great idea! You could get them blown up bigger too

  5. This is a great gift idea!


  6. This looks lovely, I might give it a go! xx

  7. This is such a cute idea! Great post.

  8. I love this idea! I'm half way through organising and redecorating my room! May have to include this cute idea.

  9. This is such a fab idea! I feel super inspired now :) x

    1. Aww I'm glad I've inspired you :) I get so much inspiration from bloggers so it's ncie to know I can do the same for others too

  10. this looks fab! xx

  11. This is soo cute!! I might have a go at making one of these! I'n fact I can 100% say I will make one. I take it your from Sheffield by the gig tickets, Stereophics good choice, i went to see them in Leeds 02 a few months back was amazing.


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