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Sunday, 10 February 2013

I have previously been nominated for a Leibster Award (you can read it here) but recently I have been nominated for three more! I am not the worlds most interesting person so I'm not able to come up with more 33 random facts about myself, but indirectly jumping on the current blogger bandwagon, here are my answers to the questions each blogger has come up with as part of their own nominations.

Danielle at Built Like a Pin Up

1. Which do you prefer; cosmetics or clothes?
Clothes always! I will leave the house without cosmetics but never without clothes! I'm a bit unadventurous when it comes to cosmetics as well, as I am actually rubbish at putting make up on!
2. Who/what inspires you?
I think I've said this before, but my Mum is my biggest inspiration. Without her I would never do the job I do, and I would probably never have completed my uni course, and I certainly wouldn't have my charity shops skills and thrifty style!
3. What is your favourite colour to wear, and why?
Blue - Navy blue. I didn't actually realise it was my favourite colour (not only to wear but in general) until I realised how much I have of it in my wardrobe and in my home decor, so I'm guessing it's got to be my favourite!
4. How do you relax? e.g. film day in bed, cook... etc
My favourite way to relax is to put cleanhly laundered sheets on my bed, have a bath with some lovely bath products, taking time doing my skincare routine and washing my hair then putting on fresh pjs and having an early night with a good book and a hot chocolate. I genuinely look forward to not having a weekend planned in order to do this!

I also like to go out with the girls and rip it up, but relaxing is a quite boring affair for me.
5. What is your favourite fashion brand?
Hmmmm, I think at present, considering my most recent post, it's probably New Look!
6. What is your favourite cosmetics/make up line?
Benefit - I love their packaging, their branding, and that it's not about bright garish colours and looks, its about fixing and faking what you've already got.

7. Which of the four seasons is your favourite?
Autumn. I love the changing colours of the leaves, the nip in the air, the fashions, the cosy evening's in, eating mash potato (it's wrong in the summer!) and kicking leaves on an afternoon walk with the pup.
8. Do you believe in dieting?
Yes and No. I'm on a diet, in that I go to Slimming World class, but for me it's been a complete lifestyle change. I still pig out and eat whats bad for me, but I always recognise how my body feels when I eat the right things. I've got friends doing shake and soup diets which I disagree with, as I don't feel they are sustainable, but a diet that invokes a lifestyle change and improves your health can only be a good thing.
9. What object that you own, means most to you, and why?
My two rings -one is my engagement ring from my partner, the other is my grandmother's engagement ring. I'm hoping the reasons why they mean so much are fairly self-explanatory!
10. Do you have a slogan or something you live by? And if you do, what is it?
Not really but one of my favourite quotes is "it's not the days in your life, it's how much life is in your days". (Kelly Jones)
11. How did you get into blogging?
Two ways - I began researching for my wedding and came across A Beautiful Mess, and googling and finding Zoella's Primark Hauls on Youtube. It all looked fun and I realised I could start one myself!

Naheeda at Hashtag Life
1. If you could be any animal for a day what would you be?
A (house) cat, because they seem to sleep a lot, get fussed a lot, eat a lot, and are generally lazy and fairly content with life
2. What is your favourite food to snack on?
Sweet and Salted flavour popcorn (Yes together! It's amazing don't knock it until you've tried it!)
3. Who are your 2 favourite blogs to follow?
This changes all the time and it's so hard, as I follow lots of different blogs for different reasons!!!! Almost Delightful will always be top of my list as Sarah created my blog design and we keep in contact a lot, and I count her as one of my special blog friends. At the moment the other would probably be What Olivia Did, as I love her ladylike sense of style and she is just an all round sweetheart! (If you are considering advertising, I highly recommend her!) If you are interested in the other blog's I follow, check out my blog roll (I'm going to update this soon so keep checking!)
4. Best holiday you've ever been on?
My holiday to Greece with my boyfriend a couple of years ago. It was so relaxing, the hotel was beautiful, we had our own pool, the food was fantastic, and we just had a really great time together, and really relaxed on that holiday. New York comes an incredibly close second though!
5. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love life right now?
I'd probably say about an 8. I'm reasonably happy with my life, work can be a bit stressful, so it would be good if that was a bit easier at times, and it would be nice not to have any debt what debt I do have I try not to let bother me, but overall I think I'm pretty good!
6. Three words describing yourself?
Opinionated, Motivated and a little bit ditzy!
7. Which subject were you best at in school?

8.Do you have any special talents?
Nope not really, I'm pretty average in that regard.

9. Why did you start a blog?
see above!
10. Three things you want to do before you die?
Go to Harry Potter World California and the studios in London, marry my gorgeous husband to be, and swim in the open sea with the fishes (I'm a terrible and unconfident swimmer, yet I love the sea!)
11. If you could marry any guy/girl in the world, who would it be and why?
My other half of course, because he's my world.

Charlotte at Charlie Rose

1. Is your blog mainly makeup, fashion, thoughts, all or other?
All of it - which is why I firmly put myself in the lifestyle category!
2. Have you made any true friends through Blogger?
I've made blog friends who I make regular contact with, but I haven't met any of them sadly.
3. Which blogger inspired you to join Blogger?
As above, A Beautiful Mess and Zoella. I chose Blogger as a platform, because I googled it and it came up!
4. What is Blogger goal for the end of February?
250 followers would be nice - I like round numbers
5. Which brand is your favourite makeup?
6. Describe your blog in one word?
7. What do you take more pride in?
My home - I'm obsessed with cleaning it - not that you can tell!
8. One thing about yourself that you dislike?
My feet - my Mum has really pretty feet with high arches and nice toes and toenails - mine are awful, particularly my toenails as they just don't grow how I want them to!
9. How often do you Blog?
As often as I want to really. I don't have a set schedule, and I don't pressure myself to blog, just as and when I become inspired to.

10. Do you see yourself blogging this time next year?
I've been blogging a year now, and I did almost ask myself whether I would stick at it when I first started,  but I have and so I certainly hope to make it to my second blog birthday!
11. One thing you can't live without?
My family - ie my boyfriend and my pets, is that cheating? (but also my iPhone, just don't tell them I said that!)


  1. Aww thank you special blog friend :-) <3. It was interesting reading all the facts about you, you and your mum seem to have a great relationship and it's really nice how she kept you going and helped your through uni. I love relaxing in freshly laundered bedsheets too, and a good book and a huge mug of something delicious! :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  2. Congrats on the award x


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