Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I decided after my last Mostly.... post, I would make this a monthly feature.

So, this month I have been mostly.......



Healthy! Plenty of fruit and vegetables. I feel so much better for it too!


Well as I have finally finished watching all of my Big Bang Theory boxset, I am now catching up on some of my recordings. I'm currently working my way through Ripper Street, Call the Midwife and Mr Selfridge. I'm in love with Trixie's style from Call The Midwife!




My new leather jacket as seen in my New Look haul post.


I've just finished reading Ellis Island, by Kate Kerrigan. Its been sat on my bookshelf for a while now, and I wish I had picked it up much sooner. I will be doing a little review of it on here, as I do want to do more book-related posts as I'm such a bookworm! I've just started reading Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer.




I've been doing lots of little DIY jobs and giving my spare room a bit of a mini makeover. More on this to come!


If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me tweet that I rejoined slimming world a couple of weeks ago, so we've been doing a lot of home cooked meals recently. Check back later this week, for a round up of what we've been eating this week and how it's affected my weight loss!


I've still been having the occasional bottle of strawberry cider, but I've actually been drinking a lot of hot chocolate Options. You might think this doesn't fit with what I said above about Slimming World but these are quite low in syns and give me a little chocolate fix when I need one, so these have been a lifesaver recently!


I’m still addicted to Candy Crush and Bubble Witch, as well as Hay Day. I've had a go at the four pictures one word game, but in all honesty, I just find it too easy! I don't mean that in a braggy way, but it appeals to the way my brain functions so I found it a bit boring.


You may know I'm fairly loyal to my skincare brand, Clarins, but recently I have had a little try of Lush's skincare routine. I do want to do a review on this soon, but I want to give it a couple of weeks of use before I do, in order to ensure a fair review.


I found Sofia's Journal, after she advertised on Sprinkle of Glitter in the same month as me. I have warned Sofia I may have to stop reading her blog as it just seems to encourage me to spend money, but I fell in love with these Zara flats on her blog. I've also decided I want a matching handbag too! Well nude shoes and bag have got to be an investment right??




So that's what I've been up to lately, and a sneaky peek at some future posts. What have you been mostly.......



  1. i love big bang theory and lush so much :D :D
    great post :D :D

  2. I love the shoes!!

    I would LOVE IT SO MUCH if you guys would check my blog out? :D xx

  3. First - The big bang theory is just pure awesome <3 I'm watching the box at the moment,

    second - love the pump.

    thirdly (and last) - great blog :) xx

    1. Thank you! I can't take credit for the photo of the flats as that came from Sofia's blog as I haven't bought them.......yet! Lol

  4. Strawberry Cider. . . . . . I was unaware until now of it's exsistance! Will definitely be looking for that on my next trip to the supermarket!

    1. What!?!?! Lol I drink far too much of the stuff! It's always sold out although I managed to sneak some into my online shop this week lol

  5. I loved Ellis Island too - you should read Recipes for a Perfect Marriage which is also by Kate Kerrigan. xx

    1. Ooo I've not seen that one., I found that Ellis Island is part of a trilogy - the third one comes out in the Spring, so I'm going to wait and get the next two!

  6. Those flats are gorge! x


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