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Saturday, 16 February 2013

This was not the post I had intended to do today, but as this little package arrived on my doorstep, and I was so keen to dig in, I knew if I didn't photograph and blog it straight away, it would be too late and I would have opened everything! (I also realised it's been a while since I've done any beauty posts on here too.)
If you've followed my blog for a while, you may have caught on that I enjoy doing blogger swaps. I signed up for Bewitchery's Budget Beauty Blogger Swap. The budget was £10, and that was pretty much the only rule.
I was partnered up with Daniella of Madame Gourmand. I didn't really give Danielle much to go on, only that I have issues with using toner, so I pretty much gave her free reign! And she came up trumps! I was excited about the variety of the products Danielle had included.
I've never used a make up fixer before, and I've never even heard of Avene Thermal Spring Water, so I am excited about both of these. The Molton Brown Bath and Shower smells amazing, as does the Crazy Rumors lipbalm (it smells of Amaretto!). Daniella also included a card with my package to explain why she had sent certain items, and told me that she had trained as a massage therapist, and that using a massage soap is great for circulation. I'm not normally a soap user, but this cherry one smells delicious, and I'm all for improving my skin's appearance. (It has the added bonus of the cute heart shaped tin too!) As Daniella says in her card, Accessorize's packaging is fab, and this Hot Smudge shadow, looks a nice little kit. I'm also quite intrigued by the Beauty Fixation nail polish touch ups, as I chip my polish alot, due to the amount of typing that I do, so these will be interesting!
Overall I'm really pleased and excited by my package, and astounded that it all cost around £10. Additonally, Daniella wrapped my products in the cute owl fabric you can see in the pictures (I think this was from a Crafty Creatives box, as I think Daniella recycled one to post it all in! I'm all for recycling!)
Have you used any of these products before? What are your thoughts?



  1. Wow, she did well to get all that for £10! An amazing haul. Love the owl fabric too!

  2. I can't believe she got that all for around 10 pounds! I love the idea of a beauty blogger swap, sounds so fun and a great way to learn about products you may normally not try!


  3. I took part in this swap too, post should be up this week sometime. You got some really lovely stuff in the swap. I love Molten Brown :)



    1. Ooo I look forward to reading what you got too!

  4. What a fab idea and you got some fab gifts xx


  5. i would have LOVED to have done this!! How do you know whos doing one and where?
    If youve seen on my blog, i love doing box swaps and do it quite regularly. so this would be something right up my street!
    Great post, and you got some great wee items! I bet it was a bigger smile opening this box than opening one of the commercialised ones..!!!


    1. I'm not sure - I just come acorss them via twitter and facebook groups and other blogs usually! I love doing swaps- be it beauty thrifty books whatever lol

  6. I loved all of the products mentioned.

    beauty bar


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