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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hello Dollies!
I know some of you out there are complete Ebay aficionados, but it's not somewhere I generally go looking for stuff myself.
Recently I was going through my wardrobe (I actually do this on a very regular basis!) and realised some of the things I no longer wanted were a little bit too pricey just to send to my local 'all clothing £1' charity shop. I know that sounds rather harsh, but I have donated so many clothes over the years, and I spend plenty of money in them.
Anyway, I've decided to put some items on ebay (I still have a few items in my charity pile though) and in case you were interested, I thought I'd link the page up to my blog.
I'm not new to Ebay, but this is a totally new account (my old one was a business account which I can no longer use without informing the tax man!) hence why I have no feedback. I have other items to sell, once my account is verified, due to the brands of the items.

I am selling, a Dorothy Perkins dress, American Eagle jeans, a Pacha t-shirt, an Ed Hardy T-shirt and belt, a Vila wrap top, and two boyfriend jumpers. Here's the link to my items .

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